Getting desperate enough to start eyeing the beauty aisle during your once-a-week grocer run? Is that photo on the box color starting to look like a great color for you?

Freeze! My rule of thumb is any decision made out of fear or desperation is always a bad one. Add lack of education on top of it and you have yourself a full fledge expensive, no going back mistake.

So that you are making the most educated decision on what to do with your hair color during quarantine, I came up with these Top Five Reasons Why You Should Say No To Box Dye During Quarantine and Beyond.


When you visit your professional hairstylist for color services, yes, application techniques is a big part of why we are in demand.  More importantly, however, is the color formulation.  Hair color is not a one-size fits all. Far from it.  Two people with the same exact natural hair color and hair color goal could require two totally different color formulas due their hair’s texture, condition, lifestyle, hormones, medication, etc.  

There are multiple factors that go into finding a formula that gets you from A to Z.  When you pay for a professional hairstylist, you are paying for their advanced education and experience in formulating a color that can deliver everything that you are trying to achieve.


Box dyes include metallic salts (cheaper ingredients than professional hair color) to penetrate the hair shaft and deposit color. Metallic salts, aside from being chemical manipulators, do not mix well with any other chemicals. If you color your hair with a metallic-based dye, you will be limited on changing your color or adding deep treatments later. Why? The adverse reactions to other chemicals most likely will result in hair chemically smoking/burning and potentially melting off. Terrifying!!! On top of that, these metallic salts dry out the hair, damage the follicles, dull the sheen, and make the hair become overall brittle. Not scary enough? 


As these metallic salts don’t mix well with other chemicals, that means color corrections can be a nightmare for your stylist once we are back in the salon. We don’t want you to spend the amount of money its going to take to fix your hair if box dye is used.  It is stressful for us, as hairstylists, to do a color correction on box dyed hair as we never know exactly how your color is going to turn out as metallic salts make this process extremely unpredictable. Furthermore, there is too much risk that your hair is going to be severely compromised during the process. It literally makes us sweat throughout the entire service.  No amount of money that a client is wiling to pay is worth the intense stress involved in doing this type of color correction, so please, I beg you, STEP AWAY from the box dye and DM your stylist for another option.


Many stylists, like myself, are offering color retouch its to be delivered directly to your door. While self-application is not ideal, at least you know you have the option of applying the correct color formulation for your hair color goals.  Reach out to your hairstylist and see if he or she are offering this service. If not, look up other stylists that may be offering this in your area.  I am doing color retouch kit delivery in Orange County during quarantine.  I have been doing zoom calls or emails with photos so that I can formulate for those people that I have never physically seen before. I even have had some people’s existing stylists send over their formula as they are grateful that I have delivery available for their clients. Stylists get that you are desperate and they want to help.


If you have never applied your own color before, let me warn you that this can be messy and stressful.  The odds you could accidentally spill your dark root color on your blonde ends or highlights is high.  Most stylists, like myself, are offering detailed instructions on how to apply your own color to limit these risks. I even did a Live Video last week on How To Self Apply Your Own Hair Color.

The Key Takeaway

You have help so don't go it alone. We, as your stylists, are here for you and want to ease some of the stresses that we are already plagued with on the day to day. 

You don't need to pick out your own color based off a photo on a box and you don't need to figure out how to apply it on your own. Reach out to your stylist for your formula and instructions or even a zoom call on how to apply it. It will cost you much less in the long run. 

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