summer hair prodcuts

You wouldn’t sit by the pool all day without sunscreen, so why would you without protecting your hair? Not only can sun damage be harmful to your skin, but it can also cause discoloration, dry and brittle strands, broken or split ends, thinning, and frizziness in your hair.  


Don’t let the sun get you down! Head into the heat ready with our top tips & tricks, plus our favorite summer essentials to keep your hair looking top not(ch) this season. 


☀️ Use UV + Heat Protection

Your hair is just as susceptible to sun damage as your skin! Use a product with UV and heat protection daily and reduce heat usage altogether when possible.

The perfect spritz before dipping into the pool/beach. Add moisture to your hair while protecting it from UV and heat!


🍎 Nourish

Sea and chlorinated water can be drying, so make sure to always use conditioner before heading into the water. Using a moisture-rich hair mask at least once a week can also ensure your hair gets the nutrients it loses from heat, sun, swimming, and extra washing.

Nourishment and moistures x 100! The best hair mask for summer.


🛠 Use the right tools

Combs and towels matter! Avoid terry cloth towels and pulling a brush through your hair when it’s wet - they can both make your hair more susceptible to breaking. 

 Ultra delicate detangler.
Moisture-wicking, soft, and protecting Aquitex towel. Excellent for avoiding tangles, breakage, and friction on the hair.


🚿 Don’t overwash 

Washing your hair often rids the scalp of its natural oils, which prevents the hair from maintaining its moisture and prevents hair growth. Try to only wash your hair if you have entered the sea, chlorinated water, or perspired. 

No need to shampoo every day. Soaks up Oil, Sweat & Odor.
Don’t waste your time trying to fight frizz, this product will do it for you!


💦 Hydrate

The best medicine for you and your hair is water! Stay hydrated - your body absorbs the water you drink and even helps your scalp retain moisture and strength and protects hair follicles. 


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