7 Best Toxic-Free Hair Texture Sprays

Whether you’re trying to add some volume to your ultra-soft, fine hair or rocking an edgy, shaggy bob haircut, hair texture sprays are one of the most sought out hair products in the beauty world. Why? Because the best texture sprays have the ability to make that new cut look edgier and sexier in one push of a button.

Not sure what a texture spray is or if you really need one? I want to clear one thing up first, while sea salt spray is a texture spray, there are many more varieties of texture spray than the highly promoted beach wave delivering favorite. If you have tried a sea salt spray in the past and found it messy, drying and crunchy, have no fear...your future with texture sprays is not over. You still have many more amazing days of sexy hair with this partner by your side.

Here’s the low down. Texture hair sprays do exactly that...they add texture to hair to create messy piecey layers, add volume, separate curls, or even combat oil build up as some can double as a dry shampoo. They pretty much deliver the hold of hairspray without the stickiness or stiffness.

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There are multiple types of texture sprays out there, so which one is right for you depends entirely on your hair type and hair goals. How do you figure this out? We got you...here are the three rules by which to choose any hair product:

1. Choose only non-toxic (aka, clean hair products - there is no reason you can’t have gorgeous hair without chemical ingredients seeping into your bloodstream),
2. Choose those with a reputation for performing, and
3. Choose the product based on your hair type and goals.

At North Authentic, we vet every product to ensure they are clean and free of all toxic ingredients on our Hair Crimes List and strenuously test them for performance. In other words, Numbers 1 and 2 are taken care of so let's move on to Number 3.

There are two types of texture sprays out there, dry texture sprays and multi-use texture sprays, and when to use each depends on your hair type and hair goals.

First, multi-use texture sprays can be applied to wet hair or dry hair. When used on wet hair, they deliver the foundation needed for a voluminous blowout. We recommend these with caution to those who experience dry, frizzy hair or hair prone to tangling as these products can create over-texturization of the hair. However, they can be a game-changer for those with ultra soft hair that can stand some texture during their blowout.

They can also be used post- blowout or hot iron styling to add texture and definition to your hairstyle.

Second, there are dry texture sprays, many of which can also have dry shampoo qualities. These should only be used on dry hair after you blow dry or style with a curling iron or flat iron. Caution: It is important that these are not used before heat styling as they can dry out the hair and cause it to burn at the touch of a hot iron.

We have broken down the highest performing clean texture sprays for you by application type.

wet or dry application

These texture sprays can be applied on wet hair pre-blowout or after a blowout or heat styling to add pieciness to your hairstyle.

How to use:

Step 1: After applying your prep product, spray your wet texture spray on the root area (roots to ends for those that are not prone to tangling, have dry hair or fragile hair).

Step 2: Rough dry the hair to 80% dry then section the hair in three sections (Nape to top of ear, top of ear to crown/recession, and top of head).

Step 3: Use a 1 3/4 inch or 2 1/8 inch round brush to blow out each section.

step 4: Once dry, apply a teasing powder at the root area for added volume. Our two favorites are Kavella's Teasing Powder and Oway's Volume & Texture Puff.

Davines Volu Hair Mist

Volu is one of Davines’ original loves. It delivers bodifying, reworkable looks to fine, flat hair while still providing hydration. Whether you are looking for some lift at the root or want a roots-to-ends product that will deliver fuller, bouncier body, then Volu Hair Mist is your tried and true.

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Cult & King Jelly Himalayan Salt Spray

This sea salt texture spray delivers soft, touchable, manageable volume and hold. You can apply to wet hair, for an air-dried wave or use for a voluminous blowout. Only thing...if you are susceptible to dry, tangly hair, there is a better option for you.

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Oway Sea Salt Spray

Oway has somehow formulated a moisturizing sea salt spray that creates enviable tousled waves and texture with just the right amount of grit while also delivering shine. It’s unique blend of Ethical Marula Oil and Sunflower Seed Essential Oil provides protection from dryness and UV damage making this spray a 4-in-1 power product.

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Reverie MARE Mediterranean Sea mist

This wonder spray can be applied to damp hair to create a perfect beach texture or major root lift pre-blowout or sprayed on dry hair to create separation and volume. Its rice seed extract and algae extract formulation thickens strands, enhances shine and protects from environmental damage. #Winning

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Dry application only

Dry application texture sprays are best applied to dry hair only to add piecyness, defintiion and edge to your style.

North Authentic Founder and Master Stylist, Natalie Palomino, says texture sprays are one of her favorite products, but it's important to know that "dry texture sprays add dryness and grittiness to your hair so do not apply heat to the hair after using them or you could cause heat damage."

"When I'm working with a textured haircut (e.g. wolf cut, layered bob, etc) and want to create a defined, edgy look I'll use a balm to break up my waves and the texture spray to finalize the look," she says.

Here are her go-to steps:

Step 1: On dry hair, use a flat iron or 1 1/4 inch curling iron to create losse waves in your hair.

Step 2: Apply a small amount of Reverie Rake Balm to your fingertips and use your fingers to back comb the ends of your hair. This is better than brushes out curls as the waves looks edgier and more broken.

Step 3: Spray Davines Dry Texturizer from mid-length to ends. Use your fingertips to separate waves and smooth any areas, if needed.

O&M Desert Dry Volumizing Texture Spray

This dry texture spray delivers Victoria's Secret Hair in a can. This weightless formula absorbs oil, impurities and replumps the hair. I love to spray this throughout my hair after I have curled my hair and let it cool. It breaks up your curl in the most natural way and delivers a sexy, voluminous look.

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Innersense I Create waves

This texture spray is a curly girl’s best friend. It creates beautiful, touchable waves or brings day old curls back to life. Rich in minerals and amethyst crystal, this unique hydrating salt spray adds texture and volume to the hair while aloe vera provides moisture to prevent parched ends.

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davines dry texturizer

If you are rocking a shattered lob or the new shag, Davines delivers the perfect piecey, defined texture and hold with its Dry Texturizer Spray. It delivers an instant full-bodied, tousled look without weighing the hair down. Just look at the reviews...this is a fan favorite.

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the new texture spay is a powder

As most texure sprays contain propelyne glycol (no bueno) and other aerosol necessary ingredients, innovative brands are finding ways to create the same texture using powders.

Loose powder texture products prep the hair with the same lightweight fullness and voume sans the toxins. Here are some of our favorite conscious texture powders.

Oway Volume & Texture Puff

Say goodbye to flat, lifeless hair. Without residue or weighing down the hair, Oway's Volume & Texture Puff delivers volume and body in 3 seconds flat.

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Kavella Teasing Powder - North Authentic

Kavella teasing powder

This lightweight, gritty powder adds voulme adn texture to the roots and overall style.

Use it in braids and updos to fluff up and add control.

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cult & King Hair Powder

This loose powder duals as a dry shampoo and texture powder. Use it on day one to amp up the volume roots to ends.

Use it on day two to control oil.

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Always ensure you choose the right product for your hair type if you want to accomplish your desired results. Just as you are unique, so is your hair.

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