Best Cut Color & Style for the Heart Face Shape

hair styles for the heart shaped face

Part three of our Face Shape Series... The Heart Face Shape. In this series, we are looking at how a haircut or color can affect your face shape and vice versa. (See last week: "Best Cut and Color For An Oblong Face Shape").

It is amazing how your hair color and cut can accentuate or minimize facial shape, structure or traits such as eye placement, nose size, and chin width. The face shape should actually be the primary factor to consider when choosing a haircut, style or hair color that will both enhance your favorite features and minimize your well...not so favorite characteristics.  

Quick review about our series...There are 6 different face shapes: Round, Oval, Square, Oblong, Diamond and Heart.  Our goal when choosing our perfect style is to mimic the "Oval" face shape as it is considered the most flattering, proportionate shape that can wear any style. 

Heart-shaped faces have a wide point at the forehead and cheeks, a narrow chin & a hard jawline. They can also often have a widows peak but not necessarily all of the time. Because of this, those with the heart-shaped face have the challenge of choosing a cut that will keep their facial features from looking disproportionate.

Again, our goal is to turn

So, we are going to want to minimize the widest part of the face and soften the jaw line. Make sense? 

Celebs that tout this shape include Reese Witherspoon, Jennifer Aniston, Sarah Hyland and Ryan Gosling.
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Make the Cut

As our goal is to turn that heart into an oval shape, what would we want to do? We want to narrow the forehead and cheekbone area while softening the jaw line and pointier chin. Looks that cut off the sides of the face are optimum, so no face framing layers or slicked back styles here. Opt for one length styles, long or short.  Naomi Campbell is the perfect example, with the infamous center-part, long one-length cut that completely narrows her face.

best hair cut for a heart shaped face, naomi campbell hair style, middle part hair styles, long one length hair cut

If you opt for layers, have them start low, around the jaw line or shoulder so you can soften the narrow point while taking advantage of the heavy vertical line of the one-length around the forehead and cheekbones.

In contrast, round or square layers and rounded beveled bobs are not optimum as they round out the face shape even more and then literally narrow around the chin area. 

For instance, look at these four looks on Jennifer Love Hewitt. 

Jennifer love hewitt hair styles, celebrity hair cuts, best hair cut for a heart shaped face, hair tips

Jennifer Love Hewitt is gorgeous and is the perfect example of the heart shaped face. As you can see in the upper left photo, Jennifer has never looked better than this period, in my opinion. Her heavy swept bang and long layers were not only beautiful, but softened her chin while cutting off her cheek area. On the other hand, the upper right photo shows that the width created at her cheekbone level actually accentuates her chin.  The saving grace with this style was the heavy fringe; however, the placement of layers shows that this was not her most flattering cut.

The bottom left photo displays exactly how a rounded bob actually hugs and accentuates the face shape, while a slightly longer one-length lob, as seen in bottom right, is much more flattering.  

Bangs are great if they are not rounded to the cheekbone. Go for a side-swept bang like Jennifer or a piecey short bang like Reese with a one-length or long layered cut.

Reese witherspoon red carpet look, best cut for a heart shaped face, long hair with piecey bangs, long blonde hair

Curtain bangs are a tricky fit on this shape. They could work if they are longer, as to not sweep out around the cheekbone; however, be careful that they don’t accentuate the sides and leave the chin out in the dust.

Similarly, for the gorgeous men in our lives. As the cheekbones and forehead can be wider set, avoid very short, buzzed or tapered haircuts, as these will accentuate the width of the forehead. Go for a mid-length style with a pompadour or some side-swept length to add a touch of height and make the temples appear narrower. Cuts where the front sweeps forward slightly or adds a fringe are the best look for this shape. 

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Experimenting with facial hair of some sort is also a great idea as it can help to fill out the jaw and reduce the pointed look of the chin. Try a short, boxed beard or even a slightly longer style if it’s in keeping with your personal style.
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chris evans hair cut, chris evans facial hair, hair cut for a heart shaped face, mens hair styles
So, how can hair color make a difference? Dramatically...

Use Color to Narrow the Heart

When it comes to color, you want the eye to follow a vertical or triangle silhouette. For a triangle, what does that mean? You want the eye to see narrowing at the forehead and cheekbone area and width at and below the chin.

One all over color or all over consistent highlights can also work, as seen with Naomi and Reese above as it creates a vertical line.

Ombres and Lived in Color can definitely work with this shape, however ensure the highlights start much lower say around the chin or below.

A “Money Piece” can definitely work for this shape, but ensure it starts at the root or chin area, not dead center of the forehead or cheeks.

beat hair color for a heart shaped face, ombre, blonde highlights, all over highlights, long beach waves, middle part hair styles

Bring on the Soft Tendrils or Side Swept Bangs!

Long narrow wavy locks or straight sleek shapes are great for this shape.

long wavy hair, long blonde hair, middle part hair styles, best hair color for a heart shaped face

Side parts and side swept hair, like Julia Roberts, also have the perfect narrowing affect.

Try not to create width at the top of the head, but again go for a vertical or triangle creating style.

Accessories? A forehead scarf, 70’s style, or with a peek boo side swept fringe, like our model here wearing our New Paisley Neckerchief, is an awesome option.



head scarf hair styles, hair styles for a heart shaped face

Want to recreate this look? We have you covered:

  1. Smooth your hair back into a pony or low bun, leaving out your fringe or a 1-2 inch deep triangle section at your center part.
  2. Fold our neckerchief three – four times (in half, then in half again, and one more time with the point of the scarf in the interior). Wrap the scarf around the back of the head (under your bun or pony) with the two ends at the top of your head.
  3. Leaving your triangle out toward your face, grab the two ends of your scarf, use a clear plastic band and wrap it around the two ends where it allows the scarf to feel tight and secure around your head. (way better than tying a knot). Place bobby pins behind your pony or bun to secure the scarf I place if need.
  4. Wrap the remaining piece of the scarf into a small bun and tuck the ends under the scarf and secure with a bobby pin.
  5. Style your fringe or side part your length to look like a long side swept fringe. Style waves in the ends if you like. So cute!

Looking for an upstyle for an upcoming event? No problem, focus on a side swept fringe or low side part over a top-heavy swept back look.

Jennifer love hewitt hair styles, best hair styles for a heart shaped face, Pony tail hair styles

Jennifer love hewitt hair styles, best hair styles for a heart shaped face, side swept bangs, updo hair styles

Another perfect styling option is a hat.  As a hat can do the same thing as a fringe (narrows the forehead).

Any hat with a medium-sized brim is perfect for someone with a heart-shaped face. The concern in this case is to balance out a wide forehead that accentuates a narrower chin. If the brim is too large, it does the opposite of our goal. Other than that, this shape allows for a variety of different styles.  Likewise we also do not want a hat with a crown with a high or pointier top, like the Gus style, as this will create a diamond shape of a high and low point.

Go for a hat with a medium-size brim or fedora hat, like our Brixton Ella Fedora Hat (comes in Coffee and Orion Blue) or our Lack of Color Palma Fedora. These styles have a normal more square/rounded crown offering the perfect balance.

brixton ella fedora, blue felt fedora, hair accessories, summer accessories

fedora style hat, lack of color, summer accessories

Want to know more about your face shape? Stay tuned for our monthly series where we will be dissecting each shape and sharing the best looks for you!

North Salon offers complimentary consultations with our Artists to help you find the best look for you. Call us at (949)627-9998 to schedule and get a one-on-one analysis. 


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