Which Davines Shampoo is Right for me?

Having options is always a huge bonus. And Davines hair products over-delivers on them. With 27 (yep, 27!!) carefully crafted, natural origin shampoos to choose from there is definitely something for everyone.

Which Davines Shampoo Is Right for Me?

If Davines has caught your eye for its high-performance sustainable hair care products, you’ve probably noticed the shampoo bonanza they have to offer. From cleansers for every hair (and scalp) type to color-enhancing shampoos, Davines has you covered.

Davines is dedicated to crafting sustainable hair care products of the highest quality while paying special attention to individuality and diversity by creating solutions for every hair type and texture. 

Their shampoos and conditioners are broken down between their Essential Line (think of this like your daily vitamin with antioxidant and protective properties) and Natural Tech line (your muscle - specifically formulated to prevent and resolve most common skin and hair conditions).

We can’t forget to mention that their packaging is some of the most eco-friendly on the market, being made with 60% post consumer recycled materials. 

No need for product shopping overwhelm. Follow our guide below to answer the question…

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A shampoo for those who wash everyday, Dede Shampoo gently cleanses while delivering antioxidants, mineral salts and vitamins depleted by daily washing. This frequent use shampoo will leave your hair and scalp hydrated and balanced. Follow it up with Dede Conditioner and lightweight Dede Hair Mist, a leave in and detangler that helps equalize porosity.

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Hair that falls into this category is easy to manage and requires little more than the basics. Minu shampoo, short for illuminating, adds shine and color protection with powerful amino acids that protect the hair’s structure making it the perfect go-to for this.


Wavy and curly hair come with their own set of specific needs. It has volume and texture handled, but can become frizzy and dry if the wrong shampoo is used. Go with a shampoo specially formulated to add hydration, protein, vitamins and unsaturated fats to improve bounce, shine and definition. 

Davines Love Curl Shampoo is your go-to shampoo for curls. Follow it up with Love Curl Conditioner and Love Curl Hair Mask (once per week) to keep your curls looking vivacious.  If your curls are prone to excessive dryness and fragility, add co-wash Davines Love Curl Cleansing Cream to your weekly routine. Don’t forget to clarify once per week and use a pH balancing product like Naturally Drenched Pre-Conditioner Treatment to combat fragility and breakage.

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Love Smoothing Shampoo, previously known as Love Smooth, delivers shine, softness and sleek styles to those with medium to thick hair suffering from frizz and lack of manageability. Rich in fatty acids (e.g. olive oil extract) and vitamins, this shampoo improves elasticity and softening to support those smoothing, round brush blowouts without damage or breakage.

Davines Oi Shampoo comes from the highly sought-after Roucou oil signature scent Oi line extending to everything from leave-ins like Oi Oil (medium to thick hair) and Oi All in One Milk (fine to medium hair) to hair masks (Oi Hair Butter) and even a body wash. This line specially built for medium to thicker hair types looking for added moisture and smoothing.

For Dry Hair

Dry hair is a common issue, whether you have naturally dry hair and scalp or are experiencing dryness due to seasonal shifts, chemical treatments, sun exposure, heated tools, or something else. And dry strands are more easily damaged, which can result in the appearance of breakage, frizziness, and split ends. 

Davines has a few lines for dry hair with the weight of moisture from light to heavier. I highly recommend the heaviest (Nounou) for only thicker hair types. Here are dry hair tackling shampoos from lightest to heaviest:

Davines Momo Shampoo: Developed for medium to thick hair types with some dryness, use this lightweight gel shampoo to add a feeling of fullness and hydration while you cleanse.

Davines Nounou Shampoo: For those experiencing ultra-dry hair, this heavy moisturizing shampoo, rich in carbohydrates, Vitamin C, and protein is highly nourishing. Nounou promotes strong, healthy, nourished hair while gently cleansing. Follow up with Nounou Conditioner and do a weekly mask of Oi Hair Butter or Davines Renaissance Purity Circle Mask for dry hair.


Hair can become damaged from heat styling, bad habits (e.g. rough brushing, terry cloth towels, daily top buns), bleaching, hair coloring, UV rays, bad product ingredients, and environmental factors.

To tackle damaged hair, you need ingredients such as protein, keratin, amino acids and minerals to build strength while also replenishing vitamins and minerals lost.

Melu Shampoo: Based in lentil seed protein, serine and glutammic acid (rich in keratin), this is my go-to fine to medium hair, blondes, and those with long hair that need strength, hydration, detangling, and damage repair from highlighting, hair coloring, and heat styling. 

Davines Nourishing Shampoo: If you’re experiencing breakage, high-porosity, over-processig from bleach or chemical services, damage from excessive heat styling, then Davines Nourishing line is your major-impact line for highly damaged hair. 

High in minerals and antioxidants, this shampoo is supported by Nourishing Vegetarian Miracle Conditioner, Nourishing Building Pak (the creme de la resistance of restructuring hair masks and great for fine to thick hair types!), and Nourishing Keratin Sealer - their cuticle sealing, anti-breakage, strengthening daily hair serum. 


The main goal for those with fine or limp hair is generally volume; however, some may still be seeking hydration where their hair is prone to dryness and breakage. Depending on your hair type and concerns, Davines created a shampoo line to support your voluminous blowout.

Volu Shampoo is Davines all-in-one volumizing shampoo which is great for those with Type 1 straight, fine hair that like to skip conditioner due to highly soft hair prone to feeling weighed down.

Replumping Shampoo still delivers light moisture, making it the go-to for those with dry hair that still seek volume.  Follow it up with Replumping Conditioner and Evolvh Smart Volume Leave-In Conditioner to add shine and detangling to your voluminous blowout.


For best results when addressing the appearance of thinning hair, use a shampoo that has benefits for both hair and scalp. The goal is to support a feeling of strength and resilience while improving the feel of elasticity in strands and reducing the look of breakage.

Davines Energizing Shampoo is dedicated to problem switch fragile scalp and those prone to hair shedding or hair loss. This shampoo is formulated as a preventative treatment for various forms of alopecia. For optimal results, apply Davines Energizing Superactive to the scalp daily. This scalp stimulating serum counteracts hair loss associated with androgenetic factors.


Whether you’re dealing with over-production of oil (greasy hair and scalp), dandruff or psoriasis, Davines has created a scalp balancing shampoo line for you. 

Rebalancing Shampoo combats excess oil production by rebalancing the scalp and thoroughly cleansing the scalp. Pair it with a daily scalp balancing treatment or toner like Cult & King Tonik Scalp & Hair Purifier and a moisturizing conditioner (only apply to mid-length and ends).

You can have sensitive skin on your face and body. And, yes, you might have a sensitive scalp too. If you are experiencing feelings of irritation or see redness on your scalp, opt for a mild shampoo.

Davines Calming Shampoo: A specially designed formula to deliver a soothing sensation while cleansing scalp and hair. Natural blueberries are added to lend a calming feel to sensitive skin. Pair it with Calming Superactive, a concentrated multi-active scalp serum to counteract inflammation and itching. It can also be used as an anti-dandruff treatment, in case of sebum hyper-production or dry scalp.


As we mature, our bodies create less natural oils, vitamins and minerals needed to keep our hair bouncy, shiny and soft leading to brittle or dry hair. Davines Renewing Shampoo is formulated rich in antioxidants to rejuvenate the scalp and keep the hair looking vibrant and youthful.


Regardless of your washing routine, every head of hair accumulates build up from products, hard water, pollution, sweat, oil, dirt, and dead skin which needs to be thoroughly cleansed with a clarifying shampoo (aka detox shampoo or detox treatment) once per week or bi-weekly for a healthy scalp and beautiful, nourished hair. 

If you wash your hair less often than every other day, then ensure you shampoo twice to for adequate cleansing. First with a clarifying shampoo then follow up with your hair concern/goal focused shampoo (e.g. Nounou shampoo, Volu shampoo, etc.).

Davines clarifying shampoos are some of the best.

Davines Detoxifying Shampoo Scrub: This gentle scrub takes cleansing to the next level, revitalizing the scalp and hair. Think of it as a clarifying shampoo that removes build-up and exfoliates the scalp.

Davines Solu Clarifying Shampoo: A clarifying shampoo gentle enough for all hair types, use this cleanser to leave hair and scalp feeling purified, balanced, and refreshed.

Take Solu a step further with gentle exfoliation by himalayan sea salt with Solu with Sea Salt Scrub acting as a great scalp exfoliator (to really remove that dead skin and build up) and stimlate healthy oil production and hair growth.

Davines Circle Purity Mask couples moisture with a detoxing treatment for healthy, squeaky clean results.

for color treated hair

If you're looking for a color shampoo and conditioner (e.g. purple shampoo, red shampoo) to keep your hair color vibrant, few hair care products match up against Davines’ Alchemic hair care line. Ensure you couple both the shampoo and conditioner for best results.

Davines Alchemic Silver Shampoo: Davines purple shampoo makes blonde hair look bright and cool with no heavy pigments. Perfect for maintaining cool shades of blonde, including ash and platinum. Hair is left feeling moisturized and silky.

Davines Alchemic Tobacco Shampoo: This color-enhancing shampoo supports the look of medium to light brown tones. Use this hair cleanser to provide a rich and radiant appearance for your brown shade.

Davines Alchemic Golden Shampoo: Intensify the look of warm blonde hues with this color-enhancing shampoo. Ideal for those with golden and honey blonde tones.

Davines Alchemic Copper Shampoo: Maintain your gorgeous cool red and copper tones with this color-enhancing hair cleanser that leaves your locks looking hydrated and shiny.

Davines Alchemic Red Shampoo: This shampoo makes upkeep for warm red tones a cinch. Use to intensify and illuminate the appearance of auburn and strawberry blonde hair colors.

Davines Alchemic Chocolate Shampoo: Preserve the rich intensity of dark brown and black hair tones with this pigment-depositing shampoo. Perfect for boosting radiance and shine.

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