Your Quarantine Beauty Routine

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So as of March 18, 2020, Orange County and most of the world went under quarantine. There is not much we can do but sit, wait and pray this will all be over soon.  In the interim…rather than see this as a negative, we should take this time to appreciate family time, catch up with friends on Skype or FaceTime and do that much needed self care.

Wouldn’t it be amazing if we all exited our homes in 4 weeks with stronger, healthier hair!? This is a time to think positive and make the best of it…sleep, hydrate, nourish and self-love.

We choose to look at this as a positive. With that, we are bringing you our Recommended Quarantine Beauty Routine for your hair. Let's make this stay at home feel like a productive and/or relaxing gift!


Give your Hair the Love It’s Been Waiting For

Remember all those conversations your stylist has had with you about how crucial treatments are to your hair health and color longevity?  Before every appointment, I sit and have a detailed consultation with my guest on the current condition of their hair and their goals for color, cut and overall health.  Two steps that I educate are imperative to EVERYONE in their hair routine for health, strength and color longevity is a weekly clarifying shampoo, bond building treatment, and deep conditioning treatment.  Now is the time you can actually do it!   Here are the 3 steps to your quarantine hair doctrine and why you need each.



Clarifying shampoo

Our hair and scalp are susceptible to build up from styling products, even some shampoo and conditioning lines (look out for petroleum by-product ingredients like resins, plastics, waxes and silicone that coat the hair shaft causing major long-term issues), minerals and metals from hard water and pollution.

Now, imagine putting on a pair of jeans and then trying to apply lotion to your legs over the jeans. Likely your legs are not going to get an ounce of the benefits from that lotion, right? It is the same idea.  If your hair is coated with build up, with elements like plastics, copper, and silicone, how many benefits do you think it is retrieving from that expensive conditioning treatment?  Not much, right?

Ensure you wash your hair weekly with a clarifying shampoo, like Davines Solu Shampoo, so your hair is getting ultimate hydration and nourishment from your conditioner.


Davines SOLU Shampoo $30

Solu Sea Salt Scrub has exfoliating granules to give your scalp that extra boost it needs to keep it healthy and stimulated for maximum hair growth.  Take this advice 200% before doing any deep conditioning treatment so you get optimum benefits and don’t watch your money literally wash down your shower drain.


Davines Solu Sea Salt Scrub $45.50


Bond Building Treatment 

Bond Building at home treatments, like Olaplex 3, have nothing to do with moisture or protein, so don’t get them confused. A large part of what gives your hair its strength is thousands of little bonds, also known as disulfide bonds. For this article, we will just refer to them as happy, in-love couples.  Whenever you apply heat, hair color, bleach, relaxers, perms or anything that changes the structure of the hair, those couples get into a little argument and have a temporary time-out.  Once the heat is removed, color or chemical product is removed, many of those couples whether the storm and get back together. However, many are not so lucky.  The strain was too much on their relationship so now they remain single and oh so sad eating home alone with their cats on a Saturday night.

The more and more you apply heat or these chemical services to your hair, the less and less couples can handle the struggle until soon your hair looks like the over-processed, dry, and broken current divorce rate.  It won’t hold a curl. It can’t hold color. It can’t even get the nourishment it needs from conditioners.  Why? Because it has no strength to hold onto anything.

How does Olaplex 3 save these once happy, madly in-love couples? Think of it as the best marriage counselor you could hire.  This amazing technology gets those couples, or bonds, back together.  The advent of this product, only 6 years ago, have allowed many to see levels of blonde in their hair they once thought was impossible. However, if you do not do the work at home, or couples counseling, there is only so much your hair stylist can achieve.  Ensure you are doing this treatment at least once a week.  Up to three times max and recommended for those undertaking dramatic hair color changes or using daily heat styling.

Sleep in it. Put it on before working out. Wear it for three days while in quarantine! Why not? Take this time to give your hair and body the much love it needs.


Olaplex No. 3 Hair Perfector



Hydrating and/or Nourishing Hair Mask

Now that you have strengthened your hair and clarified the build up away, your hair is waiting and ready to absorb all the benefits of whatever you put on it. What next, a natural, deeply hydrating mask, like Davines Nourishing Vegetarian Miracle Mask or NouNou Hair Mask.  Take it one step further…apply a shower cap, heat up your Aquis turban and wrap your head for an out home spa-like treatment.  Your hair will feel and look amazing when you head out for our post-quarantine festivities!



Nourishing Vegetarian Miracle Mask $42.50

Nounou Hair Mask $38

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