NORTH AUTHENTIC is your destination for conscious  beauty, fashion and lifestyle goods.

Our curated collection is for the woman who is her own heroin. She lives her True North and strives to be the best version of herself every single day. She is sexy and fashionable. She is feminine with an edge. When she walks in a room, others take notice because she has something that is unexplainable but admirable. She lives authentically and owns who she is as she is proud of her choices. She is intentional and conscious of everything she does, down to what she puts on her skin.  

Our collections of beauty, fashion and lifestyle goods are clean, superior quality and transcend seasons. The products you use on your hair and skin have substantial impacts on your health and the sustainability of our planet. We believe that fashion, elegance and personal style can coexist with a healthier, protected planet and people. Our mission is to help you rock your personal style by sourcing and vetting global brands that honor sustainability, ethical trade, and protecting the environment.


Women are at the forefront of ingenuity in business. Women donate more, give more and see more possibilities for changing the world than their male counterparts. That is why women are at the foundation of our business, from our heroin consumer to the women-owned businesses with whom we partner.

Our owner, Natalie Palomino’s, commitment to serving other women, her unique background in international human rights and love for fashion, led her to marry the three in creating North Authentic. Her extensive international travel, born from her love for the planet and affinity for indigenous cultures, led her to observe the painstaking work and talent of international artisans as well as the poverty and immoral practices involved in the sale of their products.  Knowing this is happening inside of our borders as well as outside, she and our team work together with a common goal…to build and support superior responsible business practices while helping you look your best and live your best because when you know better, you do better.

We curate our collections, style our campaigns, and package all orders with intention and consciousness from our boho-chic boutique steps from the ocean in Southern California


A small business with a global mindset

Although we’re a small business, we strongly believe in the power and global impact one individual’s choices can make.  From our Corona Del Mar location to our brand partners, we believe in making conscious decisions in every step of the supply chain. From how the fabric of our clothing lines are produced to the chemical-free ingredients of our beauty products, we believe in being thoughtful about both the people and the planet before, during, and after production. From our Ethical Trading Code of Conduct to our Demand-driven inventory (Why you see “Pre-order” and “Waitlist” on our site) approach, we are committed to bringing you a trusted space for finding sustainable, ethically-traded, eco-friendly fashion and beauty items so we all can live our true values.  

We source global unique brands committed to sustainability and ethical business practices from lines like Purpose Jewelry (International Sanctuary jewelry line made by and created to support victims of sex trafficking) to Deadwood Studios (Rockn’roll leather jackets made from recycled leather), we identify, secure, and vet our partners and products carefully.


Our timeline shows our commitment to constantly striving for zero-impact. By always educating ourselves on new technologies from fabric creation to shipping processes, we stay inspired and motivated to continually evolve. Be part of our journey: 

September 2019

Owner, Natalie Palomino, travels to Morocco and sources on the ground sustainable, ethically sourced brands and products

As a company, we are excited to be in the know about innovations happening within the sustainable arena from textiles to human rights initiatives.  With tools like Higgs, WRAP (Sustainable Clothing Action Plan) and the Environmental Working Group, to name a few, we are able to source and secure brands dedicated to ongoing best practices.  From Tencel fabrics, made from sustainable eucalyptus wood, to 

October 2019

North Authentic sources multiple new sustainable, ethically-traded, social conscious-driven lines like Purpose Jewelry, Deadwood Studios, Nash and Jones, and Tamga Designs. 

December 2019

North Authentic Introduces 100% Recycled Paper Apparel Mailers. Durable, protective and plastic-free.  Our mailers, produced by EcoEnclose, are made from 100% recycled material, 90% post consumer waste, are fully recyclable and naturally biodegradable, and made in the USA.

For larger multi-unit orders, we introduced 100% Recycled Clear Bags. The protective bags that our products are shipped in are made from 100% recycled content, are resealable, manufactured in the USA and can be recycled.

January 2020

North Authentic launches lifestyle brands including reusable tie die produce bags by Gray Green Goods, Passion Planners, Beeswax Food Wraps by Bee Kitchen , Berber-designed and created Cactus Silk Pillows and Rugs, and linen

Zero-Waste Shipping Labels are made from 100% PCW, Recycle Compatible adhesive and are 100% recyclable.