Who We Are

North Authentic is your guide to consciously kickass hair.

We all want to be healthy. We all want to save the planet. But let’s be real, there’s one thing we won’t sacrifice for the cause: Our beauty. That hair’s gotta look good, y’all.

Care for your health.

Care for the planet.

And look flippin’ great doing it.

We help you find a truly clean, better-for-you-and-the-Earth hair care routine that gives you the best looking, best feeling (and probably best smelling) hair of your life.

Does that sound like a dramatic promise? It is. And we can totally back it up.

What We Do

Stylist-prescribed, clean hair care routines delivered to your door.

Did you know only like 3% of stylists actually recommend products to their customers? That means 97% of people are just walking around, cluelessly putting all kinds of crap on their heads that’s damaging, doesn’t work, contains toxic chemicals, or all of the above. WHAT?

Turn your mane over to the experts. With just one quick quiz, we give you a complete routine of killer clean products that’ll make you legit fall in love with your hair.


The Online Leader in Conscious Cruelty-free Hair Care

Why We Do It

The beauty industry is built of thousands of beauty brands, most of which still use low-cost toxic ingredients regardless of the celebrity name attached to it or the price tag. Recently, multiple small independent beauty brands have popped up committed to clean beauty which includes educating consumers on the dangers of these toxic ingredients and formulating products that are truly clean. We love that this movement is gaining traction; however, it has focused primarily on skin care. 


The scalp is actually one of the most absorbent areas of skin on your body. Even more than your arms. This means that your scalp operates like a sponge, absorbing everything that you put on it. Due to this, we feel it is imperative to advocate for healthier haircare for ourselves and our consumers. There are a handful of companies that are truly free of toxic chemicals, so North Authentic is doing the legwork to locate, bring on, test and support those brands in making their way to you. 

How We Do It

A small business with a global mindset.

Although we’re a small business, we strongly believe in the power and global impact one individual’s choices can make. From our Southern California location to our brand partners, we believe in making conscious decisions in every step of the supply chain. From the ingredients in every product to how the packaging is produced as well as its long-term effects on the environment, we believe in being thoughtful about both the people and the planet before, during, and after production. 


From our Hair Crimes List to our performance testing with pro hair stylists, customers, and focus groups, we are committed to bringing you a trusted space for finding chemical free, eco-friendly hair care products that work! We want to ensure that no woman or man ever makes another wasted investment on the wrong hair product and never has to compromise her/his health, the health of their families or the planet to feel beautiful.


We source global and independent hair care brands committed to clean ingredients and sustainability, like Cult and King (Utah based chemical free, sustainably packaged hair products), Oway (Italy based organic hair care packaged in zero-waste amber glass bottles), Davines (Italy based zero-carbon footprint natural hair care) and Innersense (curly hair focused organic hair care) to name a few, vet them against our Hair Crimes list and test for performance before any product hits ShopNorthAuthentic.com. Read more about our Approval Process.

What we know for sure

Conscious choices and camera-worthy hair can coexist.

Who wants to put a bunch of “natural ingredients” on their hair, only to walk out the door looking like a train wreck? Literally no one. You’d go right back to those chemicals, thankyouverymuch.

That’s why we’re obsessed with carrying only the products that get gorgeous results. There may not be oodles of them yet, but there are some real goodies out there—and we’ve got ‘em.

Here’s to looking good and doing good at the same time


Natalie Palomino

By late 2019, my hair salon, North Salon, had already been transformed into as clean as a salon as I knew of at that time. In the three years prior, I had witnessed a large proportion of my guests, friends and family becoming sick with autoimmune diseases and thyroid issues. In January of 2019, I was also diagnosed with Hashimotos...a disease I only heard of briefly 6 years ago that now seems to be a standard-issue among the population. This made me dig even deeper...Why is everyone getting sick? What is different? This led me toward eliminating toxins from anywhere in my life that I could. 

The more areas of my home and salon that I tried to eliminate toxins from, the more I realized how many toxic chemicals were in everything we use on our skin, hair, dishes, furniture, everywhere. It was shocking. In order to truly eliminate toxins and get a handle on my health, I had to make major changes in everything I did, and everything I purchased. 

My Road Maps

A large part of my success behind the chair was how much knowledge I constantly accumulated and passed on to my clients. I focused on the chemistry of hair and why it behaves the way it does so that I could have an educated conversation with my clients and put them on the best path for their haircare. If a client wanted to achieve a specific hair color, I see coaching her on how to achieve and maintain that hair color as one of the most important parts of my job. Because if she wasn’t caring for her hair properly at home...that color and cut would only look so good for so long. 

Time and time again, new clients would be astounded by the consultations I gave and the knowledge I had. They shared that they had never had a stylist give such a thorough hair consultation or prescribe a hair care regimen. One client, Kim, said she had asked each of her last three stylists what she should be using at home and they all told her that at-home hair care products didn’t matter! What!?? 


If people learn nothing else from me...it’s that how you care for your hair, before and after color and cut services, is as important as the care instructions in an expensive cashmere sweater. If you didn’t know how to take care of that sweater, you would likely ruin it in that first wash. How you care for your hair and what you use on it has everything to do with its resulting condition and on what color and style you can achieve. 


Each client left my chair armed with her own personal North Authentic Hair Care Roadmap, similar to a prescription, where I listed the shampoo, conditioner, treatments and styling products she needed to do to achieve or maintain her hair goals as well as how to use each. 

The Roads Intertwine

Following the shutdowns, I realized I had the time to create a web platform where I could support women and men all over the world with the same recommended hair care regimens that I had been giving to my personal clients. I built North Authentic’s mission around three major pitfalls in the hair care industry:


1. Women and men are shopping for hair care products with little knowledge of what to buy. Only 3% of hairstylists discuss products with their clients. This shocking number means most women blindly walk into big box stores and purchase products because they like the bottle or the smell. Both of which have nothing to do with how that product is going to perform or if it is the right product for your hair type, concern, texture, etc. 


2. Cosmetic retailers invest millions of dollars each year in beauty counter reps for skin care and makeup products to walk you through finding that perfect lip gloss or foundation, but hair care products are still just lonely bottles on a shelf. When women are seeking analysis or consultations on what hair products to invest in, they are and feel deserted.


3. The haircare industry has been nominally touched by the clean beauty movement. Most “clean beauty” retailers will have some hair products, but the choices are few and like a forgotten step child. Considering most hair products include toxic ingredients and endocrine disruptors and the scalp is one of the most absorbent parts of your skin (like a literal sponge for whatever you place it) this is a major miss. There are few indie brands that are dedicated to 100% non-toxic, eco-friendly hair products (Innersense, Cult and King, Evolvh and Reverie) as well as those working hard to get there and we have them at North! I am continuously searching for clean beauty brands so we have as many amazing products to choose from as possible. Honestly, they are hard to find, but more are popping up as time goes on. Yay!


I feel blessed to have friends, family, clients that have become best friends, staff and advisors that believe in me and are invested in helping me achieve my dream of supporting as many people as possible in finding the right hair care products for them.



Natalie Palomino