About Us


No one should need to compromise their health to have beautiful hair. North Authentic is your destination for conscious hair care products. Join us as we take a stand against toxins in hair care. Our curated collection is for the woman who is her own heroin. She lives her True North and strives to be the best version of herself every single day. She lives authentically and owns who she is as she is proud of her choices. She is intentional and conscious of everything she does, down to what she puts on her skin. 


Over the last 11 years of being a hairstylist, I’ve seen dynamic, innovative changes in the hair care and hairstyling space. Women, including myself, who have long struggled with achieving our goal hair health, condition and color were suddenly able to achieve it with the help of hair care products and tools using advanced technology. While this was amazing, I also noticed more and more of my clients, including myself, suffering from autoimmune, thyroid-based, and even more terminal illnesses. Always a big believer in education, I dug deeper into why this was happening. I learned that conventional hair care products contain many toxic chemicals that are harmful to people and the planet, such as sodium lauryl sulfate, parabens, petrochemicals, phthalates, among other toxic ingredients.

These ingredients are associated with health impacts including endocrine disruption (the endocrine system manages hormones and the thyroid); developmental, reproductive, and immune toxicity, and cancer, to name a few. 

 Many of us have already seen the importance of switching our skin care to a cleaner regimen after learning that 60% of what we put onto our skin is directly absorbed into our bloodstream. While haircare has been left behind, we now know that the scalp is super absorbent. In fact, the skin of the scalp and forehead are four times more absorbent than the skin on our forearms. 

 What started as a personal mission to switch myself and my salon guests (which I also consider my friends and loved-ones) to a healthier, safer hair care regimen has become a movement to create awareness to as many people as possible. Regardless of how clean a product is, as a hairstylist, I still stand behind the requirement that the product performs. That is why every product that we select is not only vetted for alignment with our values, but rigorously tested to ensure it delivers optimum results.