north hair care

A pure, powerful and mindful approach to haircare.


Inspired by the comprehensive nature of skin care routines, North Hair Care presents a meticulously crafted line of products that seamlessly integrate into a holistic hair care regimen that revitalizes your hair and scalp while ensuring their optimal health and vitality.

Natalie Palomino


Founded by Natalie Palomino, North Hair Care is a visionary brand that has redefined the concept of hair care. Natalie's personal journey as a successful master stylist and salon owner took a profound turn when she was diagnosed with multiple autoimmune diseases. Faced with the challenges of these conditions, she became acutely aware of the impact that external factors, such as the products we use on our bodies, can have on our health and well-being.

Driven by her passion for a healthier lifestyle and a deep understanding of the harmful effects of chemicals commonly found in beauty products, Natalie embarked on a mission to create a hair care line that would prioritize purity, cleanliness, and natural ingredients. She recognized the need for a comprehensive solution that not only addressed common hair concerns but also nurtured the scalp and hair, mimicking the comprehensive nature of a skincare routine.


North Hair Care stands apart from the beauty industry by exclusively utilizing pure, clean, and natural ingredients. Natalie's commitment to avoiding harmful substances that contribute to inflammation and hormonal dysfunctions led her to carefully select ingredients that are not only safe but also promote overall well-being. Recognizing that the source of ingredients plays a vital role, North Hair Care actively seeks out the most effective components from around the globe.

Through extensive research and collaboration with experts, Natalie has identified ingredients with remarkable healing properties. Many of these ingredients have garnered nicknames such as the "miracle tree" or "jungle suture" due to their exceptional abilities. By incorporating these powerful elements, North Hair Care products offer transformative benefits that go beyond superficial concerns.


Moreover, North Hair Care values sustainability and social responsibility. Natalie believes in supporting communities by sourcing ingredients from regions where cultivation can create a sustainable source of income for local families. This approach not only ensures the highest quality ingredients but also contributes to the well-being of those who provide them.


North Hair Care's product range is designed to offer a comprehensive system that addresses various hair and scalp concerns. Whether you are battling a disease, recovering from chemical damage, or simply navigating the changes that occur during the aging process, North Hair Care has solutions to prevent and repair these issues.

With North Hair Care, Natalie Palomino has crafted a brand that goes beyond traditional hair care, embodying a holistic approach that nourishes, heals, and supports the well-being of both individuals and communities.

By prioritizing pure, clean, and natural ingredients, North Hair Care empowers individuals to make conscious choices for their hair while enhancing their overall health and happiness.

Experience the transformative power of North Hair Care and embrace a new era of comprehensive hair care.