9 Out of 10 Oi Shampoo and Conditioner Lovers Also Choose These:

The Serum
Davines Oi Oil

Multi-function oil, adds shine and softness to hair while also detangling and fighting frizz, working especially well on coarse or dry hair. The hair structure is left protected, without weighing it down.

Who is it for: Medium to Thick, Coarse Hair Types

The leave in
davines all in one milk

Leave-in conditioner softens, hydrates, detangles, smooths frizzy hair, and provides heat protection. It does all the things while still emitting that buttery roucou oil signature scent.

Who is it for: Fine to Medium Hair Types

How to use Oi Oil or Milk: Apply a dime-size amount to mid-shaft and ends of towel-dried hair as the third step in your hair care routine. (See North Authentic's Recommended 8 Steps to Healthy Hair). Comb through with your Wet Brush or Tangle Teezer. Continue with styling routine.

The smoother
olaplex 6

Step 4 in your 8-Step Hair Care Routine involves choosing a product to achieve your desired style results (e.g. smoothing, volume, texture, etc). If you're in love with Oi, then one of your signature goals may be smoothing which is why it is no surprise that most Oi-lovers gravitate toward Olaplex 6 Smoothing Cream.

Who is it for: Thick hair, or thick hair with hair extensions, prone to frizz and dryness.

How to use: Apply a dime-size amount in the palm of your hand and emulsify. Apply to mid-shaft and ends of wet hair. Comb through with your Wet Brush or Tangle Teezer. Blow dry or air dry.

The scalp purifier
cult & King Tonik

Hair prone to dryness and frizz, thick hair, or those washing their hair every 3+days need to ensure that healthy hair starts at the root. It's like preventative medicine. Start with the cause, rather than just treating the symptoms, right? That is why Oi-fans invest in Cult & King's Scalp Tonik to ensure their pH is balanced, follicles are invigorated, and natural oil production is balanced.

How to use: Spray on scalp area straight out of the shower. Massage into scalp. You can also apply on dry hair on day 2+ as it will absorb quickly into the hair and scalp without compromising your hairstyle.

Tip: Great pre- and post- workout as their are cleansing agents that help keep your scalp fresh and clean. Pair with loose powder dry shampoo.

the body
oi body wash

This fabulous smelling, creamy texture body wash leaves all skin types feeling clean, soft, and silky.