Our Vision

North Authentic, home of our fair trade, ethically sourced, sustainable boutique and North Salon, is a conscious company that continually strives to support our planet and human rights. 

 We want to support your and everyone’s mission to be the best version of ourselves. As part of our commitment to authenticity and optimum health of our guests and the planet, North’s boutique is  100% Fair Trade, Sustainable and Ethically-Sourced.  However, we are not stopping there, every beauty, fashion or lifestyle product must also fall under at least two to three of the following:

  • Organic, vegan, sulfate-free, paraben free
  • Made from recycled products
  • Contributing to a social cause
  • Woman-owned
  • Made in the USA

North’s Salon provides only PPD-free and Ammonia-free hair color services, retails sulfate free, vegan, organic, paraben free beauty products, and has implemented a zero-waste measurement tracking program.



Our name, North Authentic, comes from two fundamental beliefs. True North and Authenticity.

Your “True North” is your internal compass that guides you successfully through life. Think of a time when you felt spiritually grounded, when you felt that your actions flowed from a sense of being at home in yourself, being at one with your best self and your truest values. This might begin to give you a sense of your “true north.” It represents who you are at your deepest level.  It is your fixed point, in a spinning sometimes spiraling world, that will always guide you in your purest direction.

When you stay on the path of your True North, the path may be winding, but we can trust the direction is true.

Authenticity can be viewed in so many ways.  We feel that when we are truly vulnerable, accepting of ourselves and others, open to learning from our mistakes and willing to express our emotions freely and clearly are we being truly authentic.  Staying on the path of your true north and being authentic in that path is when you enter your flow… the space of grounding, centeredness and compassion.