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We curated a list of high performing and free of chemical or toxic ingredients listed in our Hair Crime List (a list of ingredients that we have identified as toxic-offenders in the hair care and beauty industry).

Natalie Palomino
Founded by a stylist & autoimmune warrior

In early 2019, Natalie was diagnosed with mulitple autoimmune diseases. During her treatment, she learned of the hundreds of toxins plaguing the hair care industry leading her to found North Authentic. She's a bit bossy when it comes to taking care of our hair - aka our products are clean and have to make your hair feel and look awesome.

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"Excellent Customer Service!

I recently placed my first purchase with this company and i am so pleased! I received my order in less than 24 hours. I live in San Diego so I’m close to the facility! I will definitely be purchasing here more often!

- Katelyn

"Great Customer Service!!

This is authentic product that I love to use on my dry bleached brittle hair. The customer service is great I definitely recommend getting all your hair products from here."

- Leslyann Batista

"Great product, great company!

This was my first time ordering from the North Authentic, and I couldn't believe when my order was shipped within minutes after placing my order. I received my order within three days from across the county. My Olaplex products were all as expected; they are all original and worked perfectly for my damaged hair."

- Zeynep Williams