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Conscious Hair Care

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Turn your mane over to the experts. With just one quick quiz, we give you a complete routine of killer clean products that’ll make you legit fall in love with your hair.

Conscious choices and camera-worthy hair can coexist.

We’ve done a LOT of homework to find only the most effective clean hair products. You know, the ones that actually work. We don’t fall for fancy labels, sexy ads, or influencer recommendations. As pro stylists, we’ve gotta see the results for ourselves before we pass them on to you.

Our loyalty lies with your hair and we’re here to make it awesome. 

Your Guide to Consciously kickass hair

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Simply check the shopping filters on the left side of each collection page. Choose your hair type, texture, goals and ingredient preferences to find exactly which products are best for you.

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End choice overwhelm and get a prescription for hair care that works for you (97% of people never get that from their stylists).

Your hair will look better, feel better, work better, and probably smell better.

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Our Founder

Created by a stylist who’s qualified in more ways than one.

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In an unregulated industry, our standards are strict and we're not sorry.

In fact, they're the strictest in the business. Why?

You’d be surprised at how many so-called “clean” products still contain substances we don’t want anywhere near our bodies.

Hair Crimes List


No "pinky swear" oversight here.

Your scalp is more absorbent than the skin on your forearms, FYI. So if a product contains even a trace of a chemical from our Hair Crimes List (yes, even one part per billion), we say buh-bye. Cancelled. 

Our Approval Process


If a product passes our clean test but actually does nothing for your hair? See ya. Also cancelled.

We only carry products that give you fabulous, salon-worthy results (this isn’t clean for clean’s sake)

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Here's why customers love North Authentic

"Excellent Customer Service! I recently placed my first purchase with this company and i am so pleased! I received my order in less than 24 hours. I live in San Diego so i’m close to the facility! I will definitely be purchasing here more often! "Katelyn


"Great Customer Service!! This is authentic product that I love to use on my dry bleached brittle hair. The customer service is great I definitely recommend getting all your hair products from here."  Leslyann Batista


"Great product, great company! This was my first time ordering from the North Authentic, and I couldn't believe when my order was shipped within minutes after placing my order. I received my order within three days from across the county. My Olaplex products were all as expected; they are all original and worked perfectly for my damaged hair."  Zeynep Williams