Rx to Head Turning Hair

Must-have hair routine steps for healthy, beautiful hair.

In order to achieve your hair goals, it is important to put intention into each step of your hair care routine. Here are the steps, as well as the intention and thought that should be part of each, to get your hair feeling and looking the best it ever has.

1. goal/concern focused shampoo

Not all heads of hair are created equal and for that reason, neither are shampoos. For instance, a person with fine, frizzy hair would never want to use a shampoo specifically formulated for thick, oily hair.

Go for a chemical free shampoo (not just sulfates and parabens...there are thousands of other toxic ingredients in most hair products beyond those) that is specifically formulated for your hair type, texture, concern and wash frequency.

2. goal/concern focused conditioner

Like shampoo, hair conditioners are specially formulated based on what they are trying to combat and accentuate. Your hair type, texture, concern and wash frequency are vital to consider when choosing the best conditioner for your hair. If you have ever purchased a shampoo and conditioner that you didn’t love, it may be because all of these characteristics were not considered.

3. hair prep product

This step focuses on the first step out of the shower. Hair Prep Products include leave-in conditioners, hair serums, or hair oils and act as a support product to your shampoo and conditioner as well as to your styling routine.

These products generally are formulated to add hydration and protect the hair from pollutants and damage. Regardless if you plan on using hot tools or air drying your hair, a hair prep product is an imperative step to your hair care routine.

4. hair styling product

Your styling product generally tackles your specific hair concern while helping you achieve hair goals (e.g. volume, smoothing, shine, curl definition). It is the product that sets the stage to achieve the hair style you are trying to achieve.

5. hair finishing or longevity product

Your finishing or maintain product generally delivers one of two things or maybe even both. It includes hairsprays, dry texture sprays, dry shampoos, split end menders, balms or shine sprays.

6. hair detox shampoo or exfoliating scrub

By choosing toxin-free, clean hair products, you are already in a great position for avoiding build up on the hair and scalp, however you still are susceptible to other sources of build up like hard water, soft water filters, pollution, chlorine, etc.

If you wash your hair less than once every 2 days, then a clarifying shampoo is crucial to remove build up from the hair and scalp.

7. Weekly moisture deep conditioner

Similar to our shampoo and conditioner, hair masks or deep conditioners are not created equal. You want to choose a deep conditioner, aka hair mask, that delivers the right amount of nutrients and moisture for your hair type and texture.

8. weekly strengthening hair treatment

When we color, heat style, roughly brush, or use other chemicals on our hair, we cause damage. Strengthening hair treatments, like bond builders or protein treatments, help repair and prevent future damage. Neither approach the issue of moisture or provide nutrients. They are specifically for returning your hair’s strength. Hence, the need for both treatments in your 8-step hair care routine.

These 8 steps may seem like alot, but once you implement your routine, it will become second nature. Remember, like everything else in life, it takes a little bit of effort and intention to achieve the goals we want and that includes hair goals.


If you suffer from additional challenges (e.g. color fadage, scalp issues, etc) you might need to add a couple more products to your tool kit. Here are our most needed products:

color depositing shampoo and/or conditioner

If you experiencing yellowing of your silver or blonde hair, brassiness of your brunette or bronde highlights, or just want to keep your copper hair vibrant and bright between salon appointments, then you need to use a color depositing shampoo and/or conditioner once per week.

dry shampoo

if you wash your hair less than every 3 days, then you need a dry shampoo to keep oils, dirt, and sweat at bay. They also help you limit heat styling by keeping your style looking fresh for days.

Plus, dry shampoos, especially loose powders, can be used day one to create volume or plumping.

scalp treatment

Are you experiencing hair loss, psoriasis, dandruff or just basic dry scalp. You will want to include a scalp treatment into your arsenal to control or eliminate the problem.

hair tools

The hair tools you use for treatment and styling can make the difference between healthy, strong hair and fragile, broken hair.

Choose tools that are anti-breakage and keep from roughing up the cuticle. The hair cuticle is your gatekeeper, It keeps each hair strand healthy and safe from the harms of the world. If it is treated badly, your hair will show the consequences.

Read our Blog, 8 Step Hair Care Routine to Beautiful Hair for a more detailed breakdown of each step.