Michelle Zeller

Your hair is already gorgeous—you just need the knowledge and the tools to bring all that beauty out.

That’s why I've partnered with the team of hair experts at North Authentic to help you find *exactly* the right products to use for *your* hair—and teach you how to use them. 

Bonus! North Authentic products are conscious, which means they're free of the toxins listed on their Hair Crimes List and sustainable. Good for you and the earth.

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My favorite Products

Davines oi OIl


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Davines Melu Shampoo & CONDITIONER SET


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Cult & King Jelly


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Davines Sea Salt Spray


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"amazing hair quiz!"

"I've take skin care quizzes but never one for hair. The recommendations for personalized treatments, shampoo conditioner, styling products and even brushes was amazing!" - Alec T.


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North Authentic tests every product to ensure they are free of toxins listed on our Hair Crimes List as well as tests them for performance. If the products don't make your hair feel and look great...we don't carry them.

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