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Letter from Natalie Palomino, President


We, at North Authentic, home of North Salon, have been making changes toward sustainability and conscious haircare for the last three years. In 2019, North adopted a zero-color waste infrastructure that measures and recalibrates every guest's color formula reduce haircolor waste (Over 800 million pounds are dumped into landfills daily) as well as switched to using biodegradable paper (rather than foil) and PPD-free and Ammonia-Free color.  In our boutique, we carry sustainable clothing and accessories as well as always sought out the cleanest, eco-friendly haircare products. 

In the last three years, I have witnessed a large proportion of my guests, friends and family becoming sick with autoimmune diseases and thyroid issues. In January of 2019, I was also diagnosed with Hashimotos...a disease I only heard of briefly 6 years ago that now seems to be a standard-issue among the population. This made me dig even deeper...Why is everyone getting sick? What is different? 

If you already know me, you know that I am an education-centric person.  During quarantine, I finally had the time to dig deep. Thirteen hours a day in fact.  The more I learned and researched, the more I found that most beauty products, while touting sulfate-free or paraben-free labels, continue to use major endocrine inhibiting and reproductive harmful ingredients.  The endocrine system does what? It manages our hormones and thyroid. Bingo. While likely not the sole reason, it sure is a huge start.

We recognize that this time in history, while difficult, has lent us the perfect opportunity to make changes. Changes that will impact the health of the population and our beautiful planet.   While we have made efforts to be green, we realize that there is so much more that we can do. Here is what we are doing:


  • North has implemented a vetting system for all products that will be carried at North Authentic. (Approval Process Page is in the works!). This includes a Say No Ingredient List (No product at North will use these toxic ingredients. The list is growing every year), ingredients analysis, performance testing (Clean isn’t enough if it doesn’t deliver), and developed relationship with brands committed to conscious beauty with ongoing efforts to do more.
  • Partnering with Technical Advisors and laboratories, North Authentic will randomly test 10-15 products per year to ensure that what is on the label is also in the bottle. We trust our suppliers, but things happen. We want to ensure that they never do on our watch. As the beauty industry lacks regulations, many products on shelves today contain harmful ingredients that are not listed on the bottle (Who is going to check? We are.)
  • North wants to make it easy for you to make informed decisions during your shopping experience. As our Say No Ingredient List grows, you continue to have the option to have a transparent shopping experience without the need to read labels. Every product on is labeled with our Brand Icons stating clearly not only the hair goals, hair concerns, and hair type each product is for, but the free-of ingredients (e.g. Polysorbate Free, Vegan, Gluten-Free, Nut Free, etc). Throughout your shopping experience, you can shop what is important to you by using our easy-to-use filters.


We are implementing more efforts every day to make your shopping experience easier. We believe you can have the hair you have always wanted without compromising your health and the health of your family. Sign up for our Newsletter at to see what we have coming for you!

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