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North Authentic's Resource Page for Affiliates

There are so many benefits to being a North Authentic Ambassador, but where do you start?

We get it, it is exciting and overwhelming, in every new endeavor, to get going and we want to support you. In Ambassador All Access, you have information on anything you need from starting your own personal webpage (easy as pie!) to learning more about conscious beauty. #Knowledge is power

We highly recommend educating yourself on some key terms and not so hot ingredients (listed on our Hair Crimes List) so that you can have an educated conversation with your clients/followers.

You already know much more about hair than they do. Don't forget that. When they hear you also mentioning how the products they use on their hair can have adverse effects on their health, as well as their hair....they are already asking you how to apply the product at home!

Remember, you didn't invest in this program, to watch your clients and followers purchase your recommendations elsewhere, so the sooner you integrate your referral links into your existing business the more $$$ and longevity you earn! Don't wait another day. Your fans could need products today!

steps to success

We recommend starting with these key steps for success. Each is easy and just a click away.

1. get to know our products by purchasing products at big discounts

What is better than trying North Authentic conscious haircare products for yourself before spreading the word? Right!

So, we’re offering North Authentic products at a deep discount. Check your Welcome Email for your personal discount code.

2. get to know your dashboard

Your dashboard has everything you need to keep track of sales as well as your "Creatives" folder where you can access all promotional materials and social media graphics.

It is going to be your best friend so play around and familiarize yourself.

3. download our welcome guide

Everything you need to know from FAQs to creating your own personalized webpage is in your Welcome Guide. Check your Welcome Email for your Guide.

4. join the facebook conscious ambassador private group

Share, Learn, Chat, Earn when you join North Authentic's Private Conscious Ambassador Facebook Group.

Chat with other Ambassadors. Share successes, stories and just enjoy another element of support.
Plus, we will be updating promotions and graphics often to keep you at the top of your game!

5. Get your own personalized webpage

Only $5/month investment, we will build your very own personalized webpage to refer all your clients so they can shop from anywhere

Why have your own webpage?

What's Involved?

For only $5 a month, we create a personalized page with your Business Logo, photo, (and Salon information , if applicable) as well as a space for your to promote your 4 favorite products.

You can send your Referral Link or Code through social media, text, and email or place it on your website to give your guests easy access to the store from your business eCommerce platform. As long as your link is clicked on, the purchase will be credited to your account.

why do i need one?

Your custom-made page makes it easy for your clients to shop your favorite products with one click. Plus, simply sending them to your own personalized webpage takes any guesswork out of using your custom link. Not to mention, the design, layout and maintenance of the page is all done by North Authentic! You simply need to distribute your link to everyone you know.

Hair Stylist Bonus: It's easy for you, because you can have ease of check out when your clients are in your chair.

Who is it for?

1. Ambassadors who want to customize their existing website
2. Ambassadors who do not have a website
3. Ambassadors who want a seamless link from their website to our store


• Customized Page with your salon or business logo, link and code at the forefront
• Personalize your link
• Recommend you 4 favorite products
• Ability to change product recommendations
• Add to Cart functionality
• We maintain it for you!

6. Refer other Ambassadors and earn on their sales

When you recommend an Ambassador and they join under your network link, you will earn commission on all of their sales. See your Dashboard for your network referral link.

6. join our upcoming educational webinars

Click here for a list of the up and coming educational webinars from our most amazing brands.

Get to know us
Our Hair crimes list

No product at North Authentic includes these toxic ingredients. Check out our "Not-So-Hot" List for ingredients that we still allow but are pushing brands to drop asap.


You can locate your personal referral link in your Dashboard. Click here to log in.

Easy peasy.

1. Visit the Product Page or Blog you want to share.

2. Copy the URL

3. Visit your Dashboard and click on the Marketing Tab

4. Paste the link into the box labeled "Paste Product Page Link" and a generated link will appear on the right side. Copy or share it straight from your dashboard.

Visit your Dashboard. Click on the Network tab. Copy and share your "Signup Link" with others that you think would be a great North Authentic Ambassador. Once approved, you will earn commission on their sales.

See your Welcome Guide for pay period information.

It is imperative that you provide a Venmo, Paypal, or Zelle link in your Dashboard under the Settings Tab.

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