The 90s are back and we’re not just talking Doc Martens. The voluminous blowouts that were iconic in the era (think Stephanie Seymor and Cindy Crawford) are the new go-to styles being requested at hair salons across the U.S. The look, dubbed “fluffy hair,” first took off on Tik Tok.

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The past decade has seen its fair share of low-maintenance, minimalist beauty. The less “done” the ‘do, the better. Now we welcome back a taste of the go-big glamor of the 90s. When a girl rarely left home without applying lip liner and coming into contact with a round brush or hot roller.

Don’t worry, the current take on the 90s hairstyle is a touch softer. Easier to style and super wearable. But, no worries, it still gives over-the-top glam factor and goes perfectly with your current long curtain bangs and face-framing layers.

The trick is in the blowdry. Your stylist can give you fluffy hair, no problem. But if multiple blowouts each month aren’t in your beauty budget, good news. We’re breaking down how to achieve the hairstyle from home.

How To Do a 90s Hair Blowout At Home

Ok, this looks like a long list of must-haves and tips on getting the fluffy hair look on your own. But it’s honestly about having the right tool and a few perfect products. The technique is a cinch once you get the hang of it. And the payoff? Big, beautiful, bouncy hair that Does. Not. Stop.

Tools You Need for a 90s Hair Blowout

The Hair Dryer – So, the whole idea of giving yourself the perfect 90s blowout at home is achieving DIY salon results. That means you need a salon-worthy tool. If you have a Dyson Airwrap in your beauty arsenal, you’re good to go. If not, it’s tough to beat the Parlux 385 Powerlight Ionic and Ceramic Professional Hair Dryer. It dries strands from the inside, ensuring no harm comes to the outside, for smooth, static-free results. This tool also preserves the moisture in strands, so hair is left looking shiny and voluminous. AND it comes in a variety of cute colors.

Choose Your Best Blow Dry Brush – The Olivia Garden Round Brushes are snag-free and have soft-tip bristles to be gentle on hair and scalp. This blowout brush also offers faster styling. Choose the 2-inch brush if your hair is fine to thick. If you have thicker, unruly hair that needs taming at the same time, opt for the Wet Brush Epic Boar Bristle Brush brush.

Keep a Comb Handy – Because you’ll need to make sure your heat protectant (more on that in a sec) is evenly distributed throughout locks to provide the best overall look and to keep hair from becoming damaged, keep a comb on had during styling. Tangle Teezer Original Detangling Brush has perfectly spaced, flexible teeth that work product through strands without tugging on delicate strands.

Stock Up On Volumizer
– Since volume and fullness are essential to the look, give your hair a boost with a product that puts extra bounce in your blowout. Kavella Volumizing Mousse for a hit of texture. Or try gel-like Oway Flux Potion for dry hair that needs volume and shine.

Pick Your Heat Protection Spray – Your hair is definitely going to see some heat styling with fluffy hair. Which means it’s best to protect your strands from damage before you get started. Oway Thermo-Detangling Cloud delivers shine with a slight bit of holding action to your style. Or opt for Innersense Hair Love Prep Spray, which lends a bit of root plumping action. Spray It In Place – Once you’ve achieved your desired look, set it in place with Davines Strong Hold Hairspray or O&M Desert Dry Volumizing Texture Spray. Both are made for all hair types. Additional Helpers – Not totally necessary, but picking up some velcro rollers (2 inches or larger) and a few double prong hair clips will make your 90s blowout efforts way easier.

8 Steps on How To Achieve the 90s Blowout

1. Apply a hair volume product to your towel-dried hair, roots to ends.

2. Rough dry hair upside down to 80% dry, then separate hair into three horizontal sections (nape to the back of the ear, ears to recessions, and top section)

3. Starting at the bottom section, divide the hair into 2 to 3 vertical subsections (depending on how much hair you have). Clip the other two sections aside. Spray the section with a heat protection spray, like Innersense Hair Love Prep Spray, and comb through. Using a 2 inch round brush, wrap each section of hair around the brush and direct the air from the blow dryer to your roots. Begin working the brush down the shaft of your hair and finish by tucking the ends under. You’ll want your ends to flip inwards.

4. If your hair has a difficult time holding volume or wave, wrap each section around a 2+ inch velcro roller while the section is still hot and pin in place with a double prong clip.

5. Continue through each section, then repeat in the middle section.

6. When you reach the top section, continue using the same wrapping technique; however, direct the hair upward using a mohawk section.

7. Leave the hair in the rollers to cool, then remove the pins and rollers and brush the hair forward with a snag-free brush, like Denman Brush D3 Original Styler 7 Row.

8. Spray your hair with a medium to strong hold hairspray to hold it in place. If you need even more long-lasting volume, spray a dry volumizing spray from root to ends.

Natalie Palomino
written by natalie Palomino

Natalie Palomino is a Master Stylist, educator and Founder of North Authentic. Through advanced education and commitment to her craft, she built a vast clientele providing haircare education and hair services. In 2020, she created North Authentic, a conscious haircare retailer that puts the health of its customers and the planet at the forefront.

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