why is everyone talking about scalp health?

When you consider the health of your scalp, you might think—No dandruff, itching, or irritation? I’m good to go. But there’s more reasons to give your scalp attention in your hair care routine. Two of which include hair growth and hair’s overal health and condition.

Flakes and those weird little acne-like bumps aside, there are more subtle signs your scalp isn’t in fighting shape. The skin on your scalp can go through periods of feeling more dry or oily, or even have an excess buildup of sebum and hair care products. And when your scalp is in distress, hair growth and the appearance of your hair suffers.

A healthy scalp leads to healthier hair growth, decreased shedding, and hair that looks strong and voluminous. Knowing what to look for when it comes to your scalp can help you zero in on the causes behind scalp and hair issues. And we know how to fix ‘em!

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main causes of scalp problems

Dandruff and itchy scalp are probably the most common scalp issues. But they certainly aren’t the only ones. There are several conditions that can affect the way your scalp and hair look and feel.

Some lifestyle choices that can alter your scalp’s health include hormonal imbalances, autoimmune disease, shock’s to the system including sudden weight loss, childbirth or menopause, overprocessing of the hair, unsuitable shampoos and lack of exercise.

how to know if you have a healthy scalp?

Let’s first talk about why a healthy scalp matters so much. Each strand of hair grows from a hair follicle. If that follicle is compromised due to buildup, excess oiliness or dryness, or a skin condition on the scalp, that obviously affects the health, growth, and appearance of the hair. Below is a snapshot of the things to look for where your healthy scalp is concerned.

let's start with buildup

Think dry, dead skin cells and product buildup sitting on the scalp, causing clogged hair follicles and even scalp acne. Not only can clogged follicles impair the appearance of healthy hair growth, but can also lead to itching, irritation, and flakiness. This is where scalp exfoliation comes in. Even if you aren’t sure if you have buildup on your scalp, regular exfoliation will keep your scalp and hair feeling their best. Try Juliart Exfoliating Liquid Shampoo. This herbal based exfoliating shampoo removes build up as well as excessive oil secretion. Apply to your dry scalp only for 1 to 2 minutes before shampooing. This first step in the Juliart health scalp system is imperative to setting the stage for ultimate scalp health.

Another great option is Innersense True Enlightenment Scalp Scrub made with refreshing peppermint oil for a revitalizing feel, perfect for all hair and skin types. Peppermint oil also lends a sensation of improved blood flow, which diminishes feelings of irritation and itching.

oily scalp is something many people deal with

Maybe you have oily skin. Or maybe your scalp seems more oily than usual. First, look at your shampoo and conditioner, as it may be time to switch things up. If you’re experiencing excess oil production, not only does your hair look greasy quickly but that oil can impair healthy hair growth. Couple Juliart’s Exfoliating Liquid Shampoo with their Oil Balance Shampoo and Oil Balance Scalp Restorer. The scalp restorer is similar to a facial toner which addresses oily or itchy scalp as well as gradually controls oil secretion. If you are experiencing hair loss or excess hair shedding, go with Juliart’s CISPER line for oily scalps which is choc full of NcPA, their Japanese patented ingredient that nourishes the hair follicle and revitalizes your hair to grow stronger.

How to use:

Step 1: Apply Juliart Exfoliating Shampoo to dry scalp and massage in for 1-2 minutes maximum.. (Only once per week)

Step 2: Shampoo with Juliart Oil Balance Shampoo then condition as normal.

Step 3: On towel-dried hair, spray Juliart Oil Balance Scalp Restorer throughout scalp. Style as usual.

If you are experiencing oily scalp + hair loss:

Step 1: Juliart Exfoliating Shampoo


Apply Juliart Exfoliating Shampoo to dry scalp and massage in for 1-2 minutes maximum. (Only once per week).

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step 2: cisper oily scalp revitalizing shampoo


Shampoo with Juliart CISPER Oily Scalp Revitalizing shampoo then condition as normal on mid-shaft and ends.

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step 3: cisper revitalizing restorer


On towel-dried hair, spray Juliart CISPER Oily Scalp Hair Revitalizing Scalp Restorer throughout scalp.

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step 4: Cisper Revitalizing Hair Serum


Apply CISPER Hair Revitalizing Serum to areas affected by hair loss. Style as usual.

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dandruff relief

If you’re looking for how to get rid of dandruff, you must first distinguish if those flakes actually are dandruff and not just build-up or dry scalp. See blog Dry Scalp vs Dandruff. If you do in fact have dandruff, invest in Juliart’s Dandruff Relief Shampoo and Dandruff Relief Restorer. They strength the defense of the scalp, elevate the moisture and soothe irritation.

been treating your dandruff but not seeing any improvement?

Again, you could have dry scalp. There are definite differences between dry scalp vs dandruff (which can mimic seborrheic dermatitis), and different ways to treat them. Follow our guide to identifying which one you are dealing with and how to improve the situation.

Get dry scalp under control by exfoliating away dead skin and build up once every week as well as using a scalp treatment that delivers optimum moisture and balance to your scalp. We love Briogeo Scalp Revival Micro-Exfoliating Shampoo. Follow it up with a daily scalp spray like Cult & King Tonik Scalp and Hair Purifier.

Also, do a weekly or bi-weekly treatment like Kavella Scalp & Hair Oil Treatment.

Dry scalp has it’s own set of issues. Flakiness yes, but also itchiness, pain and hair loss. If you are experiencing excess hair shedding go with Juliart’s CISPER line. It includes Myrrh to condition the scalp to increase scalp defense, Vitamin E to prevent aging and NcPA to encourage hair growth and improve hair follicle vitality.

How to use:

step 1: Juliart Exfoliating shampoo

Apply Juliart Exfoliating Shampoo to dry scalp and massage in for 1-2 minutes maximum. (Only once every 14 days).

step 2: cisper dry scalp revitalizing shampoo


Shampoo with Juliart CISPER Dry Scalp Revitalizing shampoo then condition as normal on mid-shaft and ends.

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step 3: cisper dry scalp restorer


On towel-dried hair, spray Juliart CISPER Dry Scalp Hair Revitalizing Scalp Restorer throughout scalp twice per day.

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step 4: cisper hair revitalizing serum


Apply CISPER Hair Revitalizing Serum to areas affected by hair loss. Style as usual.

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should i use sunscreen on my scalp?

It’s true that even the skin on your scalp is susceptible to sun damage and skin cancer. Make sure your stylist checks your scalp for any new spots when you have your hair done and try adding oils with natural SPF to your haircare routine. A popular scalp tonic that includes protection from UV rays includes Cult & King Tonik Scalp and Hair Purifier which also regulate pH and sets the stage for healthy hair growth.

Does your hair tend to look thinner the older you get?

It’s not just your imagination. Research published in the International Journal of Trichology shows that oxidative stress (a natural occurrence during aging where there is an excess of free radicals in cells in the body) is linked to hair graying and thinning hair. What can be done to protect your precious locks? How about a regular scalp massage with natural oils? Invest in the Juliart system.

You can also incorporate a stimulating scalp massage into your routine using an oil formula, like Naturally Drenched Watermelon Dreams Oil. This practice can make the skin on the scalp feel soft and stimulated, and visibly improves the look of your hair.

And last but not least, eating a healthy diet

A diet rich in essential fatty acids—nuts, seeds, and avocados— and free radical fighting antioxidants in fresh fruits and veggies is good for the skin all over your body, including your scalp. Be sure to drink plenty of water and enlist the help of our healthy haircare picks above, and your scalp will thank you with a gorgeous mane.

A Scalp Healthy Haircare Routine

The best way to ensure your scalp is in its best condition so you are comfortable and have a beautiful head of hair is to create a scalp healthy haircare routine. Avoid products that might cause sensitivity, like harsh chemicals, sulfates, or synthetic fragrance ingredients, and steer clear of ingredients that can cause buildup, like silicones. Make sure you keep your scalp clean but don’t overdo shampoos if you tend to have dryness. A regular scalp massage will not only provide moisture, but promotes the feeling of optimal circulation and relieves feelings of tension. Natural oils work well on most scalps and are free from toxic impurities.

If changing your haircare routine offers no improvement in your scalp or hair issues, it’s time to take a look at your lifestyle. As mentioned above, eating a healthy diet and attempting to minimize stress are important. You might want to check your supplements and medications for a connection to scalp issues, too. And, when in doubt, ask your dermatologist for help with getting to the bottom of your scalp distress.

written by Liz thompson

Liz Thompson is a freelance writer, copywriter, and green beauty expert who puts words together for organic + natural beauty and health + wellness professionals. 

Liz Thompson
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