Effortless Summer Hair: Transform Your Look with These Easy Hairstyles

No matter your mood, we've got you covered with these simple yet impactful hairstyles that are perfect for the summer season.

For the Messy Bun:

Step 1: Begin by applying the Reverie Rake Hair Balm to the mid-length and ends of your hair to create texture and grip.

Step 2: Using a goomee hair loop, pull hair into a top bun (leave out some strands of hair around the face if you want some fringe or tendrils). Pull the goomee over your hair as if you are starting a ponytail, but instead of pulling all of your hair through pull it half way down the length of your ponytail. Twist the goomee so it is in an "X." Grab the bottom half of the ponytail that is not in the loop and wrap it around the "X" pulling it up into a bun. Secure with the goomee. 

Step 3: If desired, you can leave the remaining ends hanging out or twist them and pin them around the edges of the bun for a more polished look.

Step 4: Give your bun and fringe a boost of volume and texture with the O&M Desert Dry Volumizing Texture Spray. To hold your style in place all day, finish with the Kavella Buildable Hairspray.

These products will effortlessly turn a bad hair day into a sexy hairdo:

O&M Desert Dry Volumizing Texture Spray

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Kavella Buildable Hairspray

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Reverie Rake Balm

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Goomee hair tie (antibreakage)

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For the Lazy Hot Girl Waves:

Step 1: Apply John Masters Hair Milk to wet hair and scrunch upwards. Allow your hair to air dry or use a diffuser for natural-looking waves.

Step 2: Use a 1 1/4 or 1 1/2 curling iron to enhance your curl pattern where needed. Before curling each section, spray the Oway Thermo Detangling Cloud to protect your hair from heat damage.

Step 3: Add texture to your waves with the Reverie MARE Sea Salt Spray for that effortless beachy look.

Step 4: Keep your style in place all day and night with the Innersense I Create Finish Hairspray.

These products will give you those enviable "Lazy Hot Girl" waves:

John Masters Hair Milk

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Oway Thermo Detangling Cloud

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Reverie MARE Sea Salt Spray

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Innersense I Create Finish Hairspray

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For The Half-Up Loop Bun

Achieve this chic and stylish half-up hairstyle with ease.

  • Step 2: Apply Kavella Teasing Powder to the root area for added volume. Create a half-up ponytail, leaving the sides of your hair loose.

  • Step 3: Pull the ponytail forward and secure it out of the way with a clip.

  • Step 4: Gather the loose sides and create a second ponytail, but this time, only pull 3/4 of the hair through the hair tie, leaving a loop.

  • Step 5: Pull the top ponytail down and through the loop to complete the look. Spray with Davines Strong Hairspray to keep your do looking great all day.

Voila! You have a fabulous half-up style that's perfect for any occasion.

To achieve this effortlessly chic look, use these fantastic products:

Evolvh Smart Volume Leave-in Conditioner

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S4E Hair Cream

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Kavella Teasing Powder

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Davines Strong Hairspray

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Try out these effortless hairstyles and turn heads with your fabulous summer-ready looks!


Natalie Palomino is a Master Stylist, educator and Founder of North Authentic. Through advanced education and commitment to her craft, she built a vast clientele providing haircare education and hair services. In 2020, she created North Authentic, a conscious haircare retailer that puts the health of its customers and the planet at the forefront.

Natalie Palomino