The Top 12 hair products for healthier summer hair

By: Natalie Palomino

With the scorching summer sun, exposure to chlorine and salt water, and pulled up hairstyles, our hair requires extra care and protection to maintain its health and radiance this season. In this blog, we will explore the top 12 hair care products and share expert tips to help you keep your hair in optimum health throughout the summer season.

Leave-in Conditioners with UV Protection

To shield your summer hair color and hair health from damaging UV rays, invest in a leave-in conditioner with UV protection. Pre-moisten your hair with water and your leave-in before entering the water. If your hair is soaked with water and conditioner, it will absorb less of drying chlorine or saltwater.

1. Rahua Hydration Detangler & UV Barrier

Look for products like Rahua Hydration Detangler and UV Barrier, which not only detangle your hair but also provide a protective barrier against harmful sun exposure.

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2. Evolvh Insta Volume Elixir

For those with fine hair, the Evolvh Insta Volume Elixir is a game-changer. This lightweight elixir adds volume and body to fine hair while providing nourishment and protection. Apply it to damp hair before styling for bouncy, voluminous locks.

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3. Cult & King Tonik for scalp protection

Don't forget to protect your scalp from sunburn. Cult & King Tonik is an excellent product formulated to shield your scalp from harmful UV rays. Its lightweight, non-greasy formula makes it perfect for daily use.

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4. Tangle Teezer Large Ultimate Detangling Brush

Detangle with care. Use a wide-toothed comb or a Tangle Teezer brush to detangle wet hair gently.

Prevent breakage and minimize hair damage while detangling by using a Tangle Teezer Large Ultimate Detangling Brush . This brush is specifically designed to gently work through knots and tangles, ensuring a pain-free experience.

Treat to prevent dry hair, frizz and breakage. 

Prioritize deep conditioning treatments and hair masks to restore moisture and repair damage.

5. Naturally Drenched Rebalance Pre-Conditioner Treatment

Hydrate and balance the pH of your hair with the Naturally Drenched Rebalance Pre-Conditioner Treatment. This treatment is packed with nourishing ingredients that restore moisture, leaving your hair soft, manageable, and ready for the next steps in your hair care routine.

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6. Oway After Sun Hair Mask

Introduce a weekly deep conditioning treatment like the Oway After-Sun Hair Mask to replenish moisture and repair any summer damage. This mask will revive dry, dull hair, leaving it luscious and revitalized.

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Remove the chlorine, sea water, and build up

7. O&M Original Detox Shampoo

To remove product buildup and impurities caused by summer activities, incorporate a clarifying shampoo into your hair care routine. O&M Original Detox Shampoo gently cleanses the hair and scalp, promoting a healthy environment for hair growth.

8. Briogeo Scalp Revival Micro-Exfoliating Shampoo

Exfoliating your scalp is crucial for removing dead skin cells and maintaining a healthy scalp. Briogeo Scalp Revival Micro-Exfoliating Shampoo is formulated with gentle exfoliants and soothing botanicals, promoting scalp health and stimulating hair growth.

Incorporate a more hydrating shower routine

With increased exposure to drying elements like the sun and water, change up your regular shampoo and conditioner for something with increased hydration and nourishment. 

9. Oway Moisturizing Hair Bath & Hair Mask

For those with medium to thick, dry hair, Oway Moisturizing Hair Bath and Hair Mask are highly recommended. This hydrating duo deeply nourishes and restores moisture, leaving your hair silky, soft, and manageable.

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10. Innersense Pure Shampoo & Conditioner

Fine hair requires lightweight hydration and gentle cleansing. The Innersense Pure Harmony Shampoo and Pure Inspiration Conditioner are specifically designed for fine hair, providing the perfect balance of moisture and volume without weighing it down.

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don't overwash

11. Cult & King Hair Powder

Avoid overwashing your hair, as it can strip away natural oils. Opt for dry shampoo between washes to refresh your hair like Cult & King Light or Dark Hair Powder. These loose powder dry shampoo not only are the cleanest dry shampoo on the market, but they offer added volume so great to use on day 1. Choose Dark Hair Powder for brunettes and darker and Light Hair Powder for blondes and silver hair.

Avoid applying heat

Try to avoid any heat styling this summer and instead opt for an edgy, low maintenance look like this season’s popular “lazy hot girl hair.” 

12. Cult & King Style

Air dry loose waves into your hair by pairing your leave in conditioner or hair oil with a air-dry wave-inducing product, like Cult & King Style.

Apply Cult & King Style to wet hair and scrunch in an upward motion. Diffuse or air dry.

By incorporating these top 12 hair care products and following our expert tips, you’ll better maintain the health of your hair and minimize fast hair color fadage throughout the summer season. Remember to protect your hair from the sun, hydrate regularly, and give it the nourishment it needs to stay vibrant and strong. Enjoy your summer while keeping your hair in optimum health!

Natalie Palomino

Natalie Palomino is a Master Stylist, educator and Founder of North Authentic. Through advanced education and commitment to her craft, she built a vast clientele providing haircare education and hair services. In 2020, she created North Authentic, a conscious haircare retailer that puts the health of its customers and the planet at the forefront.

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