How could getting your nightly Zs possibly result in hair damage? The bad news—there are several ways your bedtime routine could be messing with the healthy looks of your locks. The good news—we have plenty of tips and tricks to help your hair get its beauty sleep.

See a night of tossing and turning over damaged strands in your future? Before your next sleep sesh, take a look at the following ideas to preserve the beauty of your hair.

Is It Bad to Sleep With Wet Hair?

From rough textured pillowcases to not making the most of healthy hair care products, there are several reasons you might experience hair damage while you sleep. Let’s start with the question that’s probably at the top of your list…is sleeping with wet hair bad for your hair?

Going to bed right after you wash your hair might feel amazing, but can lead to breakage. Wet hair is more susceptible to stretching, pulling, and breakage, so going to bed with totally wet hair can damage the hair follicle.

The upshot here is that you don’t have to wait for your hair to air dry completely to turn in for the night. Sleeping on damp hair is completely fine. If you don’t have time to wait for your mane to dry, blow dry strands until your hair is slightly damp but no longer wet.

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Moisturize Strands While You Sleep With Hair Oils

If you feel your hair tends to become dry or frizzy overnight, you need to enlist the help of hair oils while you sleep. Natural oils leave hair looking smooth, shiny, and frizz free. They’re also good for maintaining a sleek style and warding off the effects of humidity. Here’s how to use a hair oil while you sleep.

Apply a hair oil, like Naturally Drenched Watermelon Dreams Oil, made with 100% Organic Kalahari Melon Seed Oil which is fantastic for dry, damaged, or fragile hair. Apply through damp or dry hair, starting at the scalp working through to the ends of strands. If your tresses are suffering from excessive damage and breakage try Kavella Scalp & Hair Treament Oil. This fast absorbing formula minimizes split ends, adds shine and balances your scalp. Now wrap your hair with a microfiber towel or a man's t-shirt.

Sleep in one of these hair treatments

Naturally Drenched Restore Hair Masque

Naturally Drenched Restore is formulated to improve the health of your hair and prevent against future breakage. It's formula helps restore moisture balance to help protect against future damage.

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Briogeo Curl Charisma Defining Mask

Say goodbye to frizz and hello to beautifully defined curls. This game-changing hair mask is specially formulated with a nutrient-rich blend that curly hair needs to hydrate, define, and control manageability.

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Wrap It up in silk or satin

A silk hair wrap for sleeping is perfect for preventing the appearance of hair damage whether or not you use a hair oil or hair treatment before bed. If you don’t want to fully cover your hair, try twisting your hair loosely or putting it in a loose braid and securing it with a silk scrunchie, or wrapping your hair in a silk scarf. Silk is smooth and doesn’t tug or pull on strands while you sleep to prevent breakage.

Gently wrap your hair in a loose ponytail or bun using our jumbo silk scrunchie to protect your hair from knotting and kinks. Bonus: Your hair looks good for days between shampoos.

How to Sleep With Curly Hair?

Keeping those curls looking great for days without having to do a hairstyle overhaul might seem tricky, especially after a good night's sleep. You don’t want to wake up to flattened curls or worse, frizzy separated curls. A silk or satin hair bonnet for sleeping is a must for multiple days of perfectly formed curls with no-fuss.

Whether you are trying to keep your curls defined or the sleek blowout smooth for days protecting your hair in soft, snag-free satin or silk is an absolute must.

Another favorite method to keep your curls in tact is pineappling? This hair wrapping method (which resembles the fruit it’s named after) curbs the flattening of curly hair while you sleep and keeps locks looking refined and bouncy. To pineapple your hair, fold a large silk scarf (yep, again with the silk!) into a triangle, bend over and make sure all of your hair is hanging downward, then wrap the scarf around the sides and back of your hair and tie the ends at your forehead. That’s it. Now sleep tight on your silky pillowcase.

For those with longer locks, be sure to get some face time with your hair brush before crashing out for the night. Yes, making sure your hair is ultra smooth and tangle free before turning in will keep the smooth factor going into the next day. Make sure you are using the perfect hair brush for your hair type to brush your hair, then twist or create a loose braid and secure your hair with a silk scrunchie.

Now you know that sleeping on wet strands is a healthy hair no-no. So what to do if your hair needs a refresh and you don’t have time to wash it in the morning? Apply your dry shampoo, like Oway Plant & Mineral Loose Powder Dry Shampoo, at night and let it absorb excess oils while you sleep. You’ll wake up to fresh looking locks and a bit of extra body, too.

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