Marula Oil For Hair: The Complete Guide

So, you’re familiar with certain natural oils in hair products. Who hasn’t tried a coconut oil hair mask or an argan oil serum? But there are many natural oils that do amazing things for your hair. Today we spotlight the incredible marula oil.

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Why Use Natural Oils On Hair?

Conventional hair products often contain silicone ingredients, like dimethicone and PEGs. Silicones give hair that ultra-soft and smooth feeling everyone loves. The problem? They also dry hair out with repeated use and end up making your locks look dull. And that’s just the negative effects they can have on hair. These ingredients come with contamination hazards (read more about those in our article on PEGs), along with potential toxicity concerns, according to the Environmental Working Group Skin Deep database.

Conscious hair care creators know the value of using natural seed oils, plant oils, and essential oils in their formulas. Natural oils not only provide that smooth, silky feel but deeply moisturize strands and lend nourishing benefits from the plant from which they are obtained.

Like all natural ingredients, different oils provide different results. Let’s find out what marula oil can do for your ‘do.

Marula Oil for Hair: The Benefits

Marula oil (Sclerocarya birrea oil) is a featherweight, light-hued oil obtained from the kernel of the marula fruit and has a mildly nutty aroma. This oil leaves hair feeling soft, smooth, and manageable with no greasiness. It also packs quite the nutrient punch.

Fatty acids: Marula oil is rich in many fatty acids, which help to maintain the appearance of thick, healthy hair, and visibly improve hair growth and scalp conditions.

Amino acids: Marula oil is high in amino acids glutamic acid and arginine, which offer a strengthened, resilient feeling to hair and help to maintain optimal moisture.

Antioxidants: Marula oil contains antioxidant properties from phenolic compounds and vitamins E and C that ward off visible free radical damage, keeping hair looking youthful and healthy.

Marula Oil Hair Products: Which Are Right for You

All great things. But what you truly want to know is…what can marula oil do for the appearance of your hair and who should use this oil in their hair care?

For dry hair: Because marula oil is a moisturizing powerhouse (thanks to those hair-loving amino acids we mentioned above), it’s absolutely essential for those with dry hair. Plus, it won’t leave hair feeling weighed down or greasy, making it a great choice for all hair types and textures, including oily hair and fine hair. Try adding marula oil to your dry hair care kit with Oway Glossy Nectar, a restorative hair serum that penetrates to the strand’s cuticle, nourishing and moisturizing hair from within for locks that feel soft, supple, and ultimately moisturized. Works on all hair types. Ideal for those suffering from dry, coarse, unruly, or frizzy hair.

For dull hair: Is your mane singing the silicone blues? If your strands look dull and dry, it could be those silicone ingredients you’ve been applying to address those very issues. Time to put natural marula oil to work and turn your dull hair woes around. North Authentic's Novaturient Hair Oil equals glossy, gorgeous hair in a bottle. This lightweight spray adds instant sheen to lifeless strands and calms frizz, split ends, and flyaways while it’s at it. Easy to use and the fresh aroma is a pleasure for the senses. Best for medium to thick hair, try it before you blow dry for a smooth, sleek look.

For all hair types: The bottom line is, all hair types can do with a bit of extra moisture. It keeps strands looking their best and lends a protective feel to ward off the appearance of hair damage. Marula oil is a true crowd-pleaser.

Oway Sea Salt Spray adds texture and shine thanks to hydrating ingredients like Marula Oil and Quinoa Sead Oil.

We’ve talked before about hair serums and how they are kick-ass for all hair types. Pick up a bottle of marula oil-infused Oway Nurturing Drops Hair Serum, formulated for everyone’s hair, to deliver a feeling of hydration and make damaged hair feel restored to its former glory. This beauty visibly mends split ends, provides a protective sensation against heat and environmental damage, and the scent is divine.

For short hairstyles: That amazing texture you want for your short hairstyle doesn’t have to mean you are left with sticky, waxy, heavy feeling hair. And yes, you can still get a matte finish. Oway Shaping Putty contains marula oil and shea butter to keep hair in place while allowing it to feel soft and manageable. Perfect for short and medium styles, and hair of all textures.

For scalp conditions: Serums are where it’s at when it comes to addressing skin issues, and this goes for the scalp too. North Authentic Renewal Scalp & Hair Oil Treatment is used before you wash to help improve the feel of dry scalp or dandruff. It holds benefits for hair too, visibly improving hair growth, hydration, breakage, and dullness. Just the thing for damaged, thinning, and fragile hair. Marula and other natural oils provide a soothing sensation for itchy or uncomfortable scalp issues. Apply before chemical processing, swimming, or whenever you feel your hair and scalp need some rehab.

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