15 gifts for beauty lovers regardless of hair type

Seriously, how is the holiday season already here? Time to start checking friends and family off your shopping list. Wishing for an easy way to find gifts for beauty lovers on your list? We can’t go shopping for you. But we can give you the absolute best holiday gift ideas every beauty lover on your list wants, regardless of hair type. Sound like a dream come true? Consider it our gift to you.

The 15 Best Beauty Gifts for Beauty Lovers

Who’s the most difficult on your list to shop for during the holidays? Beauty gift ideas have to come in as amongst the easiest to buy, especially if you are a beauty lover yourself. And let’s just say we have a stockpile of hair gift ideas you are going to love. Still, you want to make sure your giftee is getting something they’ll love and that works for their hair. Let’s take a look at what made our list this season for beauty gifts no matter what their hair type.

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1. olaplex 3

Your beauty bestie likely has a bathroom cabinet full of face masks. Are we right? This holiday, give them a mask for their mane. This baby is called the Hair Perfector for a reason. It lends a strengthened and nourished feel to strands and is ideal for all hair types. If they blow dry, color their hair, or use heated styling tools, this is for them.

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2. Davines Nourishing Building Pak

This is another hair mask option for those beauty lovers on your list. But with this one, think damaged hair. That friend who’s been complaining about how her bleach job left her locks looking flat and frizzy. Your bf who swims every day and it’s taking a toll on his ‘do. Grab one of these for each and they’ll never stop thanking you.

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Healthy scalp = healthy hair

3. Cult & King Tonik Scalp & Hair Purifier

Regardless of hair type, a healthy scalp is necessary for healthy hair. Cult and King's Tonik delivers tea tree essential oils, peppermint essential oils, and organic banana leaf juice to revitalize the follicle and set the stage for healthy hair growth. This lightweight unisex leave-in conditioner also works on any hair type and won’t weigh hair down. Win!

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4. Innersense True Enlightenment Scalp Scrub

Staying with the scalp care theme…everyone loves a luxurious scrub. And this one for the scalp feels incredible. Made with Hawaiian Red salt for a detoxifying feel, fruit and veggie extracts provide a hydrating and stimulating sensation. And the peppermint scent lends an invigorating hit of holiday spirit.

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5. Kavella Scalp and Hair Oil Treatment

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the tools make all the difference

6. Aquis Hair Towel

Ok, this might be the best stocking stuffer ever. A microfiber towel that cuts your blowout time in half . This essential hair tool will leave hair looking shiny and feeling more resilient. The super soft fabric ensures no hair breakage. Plus, it’s super absorbent and gentle enough for even the most delicate hair types. Pick up several to gift everyone on your list because, honestly, who couldn’t use a little self care in the hair department?

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7. The Sleep bonnet

Hair bonnets are not only for the curly girl. These ultra-soft protective sleep-aides keep your smooth and sleek blowout or braids looking great for days.

Go for the extra Long Bonnet for long hair or the Jumbo Bonnet for shoulder-length hair.

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8. The Detangler Brush

This baby isn’t a multi-award winner for nothing. Ideal for different hair types, this hair tool can detangle wet or dry hair without pulling or breaking strands. It is also the perfect tool to comb through your conditioner in the shower so every strand gets maximum benefits. Hair is left looking super smooth, shiny, and salon perfect.

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The multipurpose product

9. Naturally Drenched Watermelon Dreams OIl

Great for skin, scalp and hair, this 100% Organic Kalahari Melon Seed Oil is rich in omega-6 fatty acids making it an awesome source for nourishment and hydration.

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11. Cult & King balm

This multifunction product is unisex and smells amazing. Great for skin, scalp, hair and beard this multiuse product is sure to be a favorite of whoever you gift it.

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10. Oway Glossy Nectar

Serum isn’t only good for skin. Hair serum combines highly concentrated ingredients to deliver glam-factor benefits to all hair types. And Oway knows what they’re doing when it comes to serum. This hair care gift idea visibly restores even the most damaged locks to gorgeous. Natural botanicals make sure locks feel silky soft and manageable.

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detox and clarify

12. Davines solu shampoo

You’ve heard scalp care is key to healthy looking hair, right? This shampoo is an essential in caring for the hair and scalp. Great for gently cleansing away product build up, exfoliating the scalp, and lending a purifying sensation. They’re gonna love it.

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13. innersense detox mask

This rich hair treatrment detoxifies away buildup and residue with charcoal, Kaolin clay and organic white vinegar leaving your scalp and hair feeling invigoriated and fresh.

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keep hair looking great for days

14. Oway plant & mineral refresh dry shampoo

Everyone needs a good dry shampoo in their hair care arsenal. That said, not all dry shampoos are created equally. Meet the answer to bad hair days. Chemical free and high performance, this product leaves hair and scalp feeling cleansed and refreshed. Also adds a look of volume and a delicate scent to spruce up second or third day hair.

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15. davines medium hairspray

Hairspray as a holiday gift? You bet’cha. Think of it this way…hairspray is tricky to buy. It has to provide the perfect hold without being sticky or weighing hair down. It also has to smell good without overwhelming the senses. And it has to provide hold without making hair look stiff or dull. Ta da – this beauty does all of those AND smells like a vanilla cupcake. Pick one up for yourself while you’re at it.

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